Online Betting in the USA

Online Betting in the USA
Online Betting in the USA

It may be impossible to know for sure, but it has been suggested that there is well over $150 billion spent every year in online sports betting in the U.S. and with a recent Supreme Court ruling which has, for all intents and purposes, legalized sports gambling, only more is expected.

The soon-to-be rules and regulations will no doubt give us a more accurate number to consider. U.S. betting sites have been popping up for years now and even if they’re only handling a fraction of that action, there’s plenty of it to go around.

Top 5 Online Betting Sites for USA Players



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Online betting in the USA is definitely here to stay. Soon, it will even be regulated state by state. While the legality of online betting is fresh and new, the infrastructure, especially online, is very much in place and ready for a bigger audience.

There are tons of sites online ready for action. However, not all sites are created equal in U.S.A online betting. It’s important to know the good from the bad. A site where you’re sure to be paid out as well as get fair odds and lines.

While the competition has helped make U.S. betting sites more user-friendly, from payout times to bonuses, but the fact that we are regulation-less still allows scams and money traps. We’ve prepared a list of the most trustworthy sites so you can find the U.S. betting site best for you.

A Look at Online USA Betting Sites

Bovada – For almost a decade now, Bovada has been one of, if not the best U.S. betting sites available. They offer a large volume of sports to gamble on as well as plenty of wager-types to play. They’ve been innovators in the field since day one with new features like live-betting and early cashouts. Bovada’s interface is one of the best too with constant updates and easy to navigate options. They also offer strong bonuses for signing up, referring friends, and during major sporting events. Definitely worth your time.

Intertops – One of the most well run firms online. Intertops accepts USA players for most of their features but will exclude some states due to banking issues. Apart from that, Intertops is a top-notch sportsbook with plenty of sports as well as wagers to choose from. They have good bonuses as well as quick payouts and has been in business for over 20 years now.

5Dimes – A 20% minimum bonus on initial deposits is only their starting point at 5Dimes. Depending on how much you deposit and how you do it, your welcome bonus can be as high as 50% with plenty of free wagers available. The bonus program at 5Dimes is one of the best and is constantly changing, offering more and more bonuses to their consistent players. 5Dimes has the reputation for taking big bets from big-time gamblers. High-rollers are welcome.

Mybookie – Mybookie first opened online in August of 2014. They bring a very high quality sportsbook to the table and service all states in the U.S. They give good bonuses on big deposits including a 50% bonus up to $1000 just for signing up. Their customer service is very helpful too and that’s always a good sign.

Bookmaker – One of the very first online betting sites, Bookmaker has been in the game for a long time and has earned a reputation as one of the most trustworthy USA betting sites. They offer and/or invented every feature that makes online betting so popular. Strong bonuses, solid customer service, quick deposits and fast cash outs are what keeps players coming back to Bookmaker, year after year.

Betonline – The complete package here at Betonline. A sportsbook, poker rooms, and casino are all available, 24-7. They offer a 50% welcome bonus up to $1000 with a solid rollover rate. Cryptocurrency is also available for deposits and cash outs. This site is very easy to use with great customer service to boot.

WagerWeb – This site goes back a few years all the way to the 1990’s and has plenty of experience to show for it. They offer plenty of the big sports from MLB to NFL as well as boxing, motorsports and even a horse racebook. A site well known for catering to any size player. Good interface, good customer service teams, good bonuses. Another strong site offering services to all the states, nationwide.

Sportsbetting – Another site with plenty of experience, Sportsbetting is a great all-around U.S. betting site. The offer all the sports, wagers, and features you will be looking for. Sportsbetting is a trustworthy site that pays out as quick as any other site you’ll find. The bonus program may be their best feature as it definitely sets them apart from the rest of the pack and even includes a 75% initial matching bonus. One of the best you’ll find.