Best Reddit Sportsbooks for American Bettors

Reddit betting sites

We are witnessing one of the biggest sparks in the history of the US sports betting industry. In recent years, this branch has exploded and multiplied in size, becoming a massive money generator.

The bettors have an endless number of operators at their disposal now, but only a few are the right ones. It’s hard for them to determine which are good, so they often seek help on Reddit.

After research on this social network, these are the sportsbooks Reddit members mentioned in the positive context.

Top Reddit Sportsbooks Available in the USA

  1. BetOnline
  2. Jazz Sports
  3. MyBookie
  5. BetUS
  6. Bovada
  7. BookMaker


4.9 / 5.0
  • Very generous bonus payment system
  • Bonus codes for every major event
  • Mobile compatible and accessible
Payout Speed 1-4 days
Exclusive Bonus 50% up to $1000
Best Deposit Options:
  • +13 others

Jazz Sports

4.0 / 5.0
Best Deposit Options:
  • +4 others
Exclusive Bonus 100% up to $2500


4.6 / 5.0
Best Deposit Options:
  • +2 others
Exclusive Bonus 100% up to $1000

4.3 / 5.0
Best Deposit Options:
  • +14 others
Exclusive Bonus 50% up to $1000


4.7 / 5.0
Best Deposit Options:
  • +5 others
Exclusive Bonus 125% up to $3125


4.7 / 5.0
Best Deposit Options:
  • +4 others
Exclusive Bonus 50% up to $750


3.9 / 5.0
Best Deposit Options:
  • +5 others
Exclusive Bonus 15% up to $600

How US Sports Betting Started

May 14, 2018, is when sports betting in the United States was reborn. On that date, the US Supreme Court decided that each state has the individual right to decide on the legality of gambling on its territory. Just to remind you, prior to this decision, sports betting was prohibited on the federal level apart from Las Vegas.

As you can see, almost six years later, the situation is entirely different, and we have hundreds of operators – local, regional, or global, offering their services to American bettors.

Which Sportsbook Is the Best in the US (Reddit-Upvoted)?

Right now, in December 2023, there are over 266,000 members of the Sports Betting Reddit community. It is not as big as the NBA or the MLB Reddit group, but the way it grows is impressive. All of the members discuss various topics related to this niche.

Among them, Redditors often talk about the best US sportsbooks, comparing their offers and other features that they find important. Despite having plenty of choices, especially in the last few years, there is a tendency to stick to those who already have an established reputation, which is logical.

After surfing through Reddit sports communities, we concluded that the following few brands are the most popular on this social network.

  • MGM
  • Westgate Superbook
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Palms
  • Caesars Palace
  • The Venetian

Apart from their longevity and the reputation, the Redditors have other reasons why they love these brands. Some like the fact they are located in Vegas, others like their atmosphere, and the majority love the bonuses and promotions, etc.

However, Vegas sportsbooks aren’t always open. That was pretty evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when we saw them closing down for 78 days. Reddit sports betting fans found another solution – internet betting- because websites work 24/7, no matter the circumstances.

There are plenty of other benefits that Redditors experience, one of them being a much lower minimum bet than those in Vegas sportsbooks. Some of the online operators allow minimum bets of $1, which is several times lower than their Vegas counterparts.

Which Online Sportsbook Pays Out Most Reliably (on Reddit)?

Not everyone can establish an online sportsbook in the United States. To start working, one operator needs to obtain a license from the state where it is based and has to do business according to the rules.

Many Redditors really do prefer to bet in US-licensed operators, but as time goes by, offshore sportsbooks are becoming more and more tempting. US Reddit/sportsbook visitors are slowly getting to know this territory, and we can say that plenty of them had a fantastic experience when visiting offshore operators, pointing out their professionalism and reliability.

Most of you have already heard about BetOnline, Mybookie, SportsBetting, Jazz, and BetUS.

According to one Reddit user, Bovada is so reliable that they have one of the best SSL systems on the web. They vouch for privacy and guarantee the same for each and every client.

Meanwhile, their bonuses, promotions, and other offers are very good, especially when it comes to US sports.

The Reddit Sportsbook: What is the Best Online Site to Bet NFL Lines?

All of the offshore sportsbooks mentioned in the previous part of this article are focused on the US market. Their offers are specifically designed for American bettors, so it’s no wonder to see that the NFL coverage goes beyond any imagination.

Another convenience for Gridiron fans is the fact that offshore sportsbooks cover college football as well as other less popular leagues.

BetOnline and Bovada stand out from the crowd, with these two having extremely competitive lines and odds, released much before the rest of the competition, including the one from Vegas.