Sports Betting Apps

There is no understating the importance smartphones and mobile devices play in our daily lives these days. If you can think of it, your phone can do it. Every aspect of everyday life can be handled on the go. Ordering food, sending email, personal banking, shopping for gifts, there’s nothing these gizmos can’t do, really.

And if there is something they can’t do, there’s an app for that in development right now. Sports betting apps are starting to pop up now, too. There are some legal questions here and there as well as compatibility aspects to work out. One thing is for sure, though, due to a recent Supreme Court decision, there are more sports gambling apps on the horizon and it’s important to consider just how they will work.

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Why Not Sports Betting Apps?

The online sports gambling boom is over a decade old at this point. New sites are popping up all the time so the obvious question is: if we have access to a sports betting website, why not a sports betting app? The fact of the matter is that the oddball legality of online sports gambling is just that, odd.

Legal gambling issues have existed online for a few decades now, basically since the beginning of the internet. When the internet became a household item in the early 90’s the rules were simple: No Gambling. However, it didn’t take long for loopholes to show themselves and become exploited, hence the online gambling we know and love today. So, why not an sports betting app? What will it take to get there, legally?

Betting Apps in UK & Other Areas

With plenty of sports betting apps available in other less-regulated nations such as the United Kingdom, the catch in the United States comes from the state versus federal law debate. Before the recent Supreme Court decision which, basically, has legalized all gambling on the federal level, sports gambling was simply a no-go outside of Nevada and a few other grandfathered states.

Now that the Supreme Court has given sports gambling the green light, it’s up to the states to decide how it should be regulated. As you’d expect, this takes a lot of legal wrangling. The states are looking for a payout via taxes for wagers placed inside their borders and they are looking at existing casinos and horsetracks to do the heavy lifting. However, what about the internet which has no borders? How can a wager being placed online be within a state?

Some Background on Legality of Sports Betting

As of today, all online sports gambling is done via loophole. It simply goes like this. It’s legal to place a wager online in the United States. You will not be investigated, fined, or arrested for throwing down a parlay on an NFL Sunday. However, it is illegal to take a wager online in the United States. You can be a gambler, you just can’t be a bookie. Therefore, all online sports gambling sites are offshore entities. These offshore sports gambling sites are unregulated by the United States.

For this reason, when choosing an online gambling site, choose wisely as you, your money, and your wagers are offered little to no protection or regulation. It’s a risk but what are gamblers if not risk-takers. This is also why cashing out your winnings from an online gambling site can take some time and be hit with plenty of fees. So, all an online gambler has to do to lay a wager is find a trustworthy site. Offshore sites are sure to remain a factor for years to come even when the legalized sites start to appear.

App Makers Waiting for Legality

And this is what the sports betting apps makers are waiting for. They need the states to build their rules and regulations. Once the state houses have the laws signed off on, sportsbooks will be allowed to open their doors and will probably need to be attached to a brick and mortar entity like a casino or a horsetrack inside state lines.

Then, online gambling sites will have to be attached or affiliated somehow to one of these sportsbooks and they will only be able to accept wagers from users inside said state. Once all of these dominos fall, the apps will appear.

The Top Sports Betting Apps

There are a few sports betting apps available now. However, in the United States, you can do everything on them except place a wager. They serve more as a gambling assistant that can simply provide you with all the information you need to make an good wager. They track your streaks, track the lines, and track the action.

All of them, and there are quite a few, have the their sports betting app underwritten as “for entertainment purposes only,” meaning you’ll find everything you want on them, except a betting window. But do not fret. Time is on our side and sooner than not, when it comes to sports betting, there’ll be an app for that.