Tennis Betting Sites

Betting on Tennis has quickly become one of the more popular and trending sports to wager on, mainly due to increased media exposure and TV broadcasting of more events. With larger TV stations now covering larger tennis tournaments, as well as the smaller local events, Tennis had gotten a great range of exposure, and with the ability to watch it on TV, pulls out gamblers to wager on the sport!

Top 5 Tennis Betting Sites



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Four Steps to Start Betting on Tennis

  1. The first step in betting on Tennis is finding a online sportsbook. This sounds easy, but trust me when I say it, it is anything but easy. There are some bad companies out there that we do not recommend you investing any money with. This is why it is extremely important to find a online sportsbook that you can count on, is reliable and most of all, safe!
  2. Once you find the online sportsbook that you are comfortable with and feel is reliable, the next step is signing up for an account. With most online sportsbooks that we have had experience with, they are very easy to sign up. In most cases, it is simply filling out a form with basic information such as name, address, phone number, etc. Signing up should take you no more than a few minutes of your time.
  3. After you sign up for your account, and get your passwords all stored, the next step is to fund your account. Funding your account is now easier than ever as you can use one of many options such as credit card, bank check, wire transfers and now, Bitcoin. Bitcoin has made making deposits with online sportsbooks very easy, safe and secure!
  4. Now that you’ve signed up for your online sports betting account, made your deposit and are ready for the action, the last thing to do is log on and start wagering!

Top Offshore Tennis Sites

We can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of finding the right online sportsbook for betting tennis. As we said earlier, there are hundreds, if not thousands of online sportsbooks that you can play on but the credibility of each one is different. Nothing is worse than wagering on a play, winning a significant amount of money and finding out that the offshore online sportsbook has a bad reputation with payouts and the 48 hour payout, in reality takes you no less than 30 days to receive. This is why it is of utmost importance to make sure you find and play sportsbooks that are respected in the community and those that are considered quality sportsbooks.

Below, we will list our top four online sportsbooks for betting on football. There are many other sportsbooks that we recommend for other sports but for strictly betting on football, we find that these are the best!

  • Bovada – One of our favorite online sportsbooks to wager on tennis is Bovada. Bovada offers many different options for betting tennis and don’t limit you to only playing winners. At Bovada, you can play moneyline wagers, parlays, totals and much more making it one of the top tennis sportsbooks to play.
  • MyBookie – MyBookie is one of, if not the easiest website platforms to use without all the fancy bells and whistles to journey through before placing a wager. With MyBookie, you simply click on the sport of tennis, then click on the play from the clean list of options and enter the amount of money you want to wager. Its one of the easiest websites to use in the entire online sports betting industry!
  • GTBets – GTBets is our third online sportsbook that we recommend. The reason is simple, they offer tennis each week and offer many of the overseas tournaments that sometimes aren’t available at some other online sportsbooks. GTBets allows you to bet on Men’s, Women’s and even doubles.
  • Intertops – Intertops has been around for over 20 years and their reliability is second to none! They are experts at the trade and offer a plethora of tennis options to bet on. They break their options down between International and US so it makes it very easy to determine what matches you want to play.

Types of Tennis Bets

There are several different ways to bet on Tennis. Some people enjoy playing the overall tournament and some people prefer playing on a daily basis. With the online sportsbooks, you will have the options to bet numerous different ways including the following:

  • Match Winner – Betting the match winner is one of the most common forms of betting for tennis. Match winner is simply picking who you think will win the overall match.
  • Handicap Wager – A handicap wager is playing a tennis player plus or minus their handicap.
  • Set Wagers – A set wager is where a bettor places a wager on the exact outcome of the match, by the number of sets played.
  • Total Games – This wager is the total number of games played, to go over or under that specific number.
  • Tournament Winners – This is the tennis player that you feel will win the overall tournament with the return usually being based on a specific odds.
  • Parlay Wagers – A parlay wager is a combination of 2 or more tennis players or props with a stronger return on investment than playing flat wagers.

Tennis Betting Odds & Lines

In most situations, the odds and lines for betting Tennis are released right around the same time that the first round matchups are released. The odds are usually based on the tennis player’s previous performance, compared to his or her positioning within the tournament bracket. Tennis odds can range anywhere from very small favorites being -5000 to a longshot player being +10000!

Live Betting on Tennis

A new aspect of wagering, and surely to be one of your favorites, is Live Betting. Live Betting is exactly what it sounds like. It is basically a way to wager on a game, after it has already began. Back in the old days, you would need to wager before a tennis match started and once it started, you were basically stuck with your wager.

Times have changed and now you can wager during the active tennis match. This works out great for those times when a tennis player is a slow starter but gains some momentum. Their odds will gradually changed over the course of the match and those odds can be very beneficial to your bankroll! Our top two online sportsbooks for Live Betting with Tennis are Bovada and Intertops. Both of these websites offer a very good Live Betting platform with quick response and no lag!

Tennis Betting Strategy

With any sport that you wager on, a winning strategy is one of the most important factors to maintaining sustainability. If you simply “Wing It” and don’t really put much thought into your plays, you will quickly become an expert in making deposits! That is something you want to avoid. We have gone through and came up with the basic strategies to at least keep you afloat with wagering on Tennis.

  • Play The Surface – Make sure the first thing you do with each tennis wager is check the surface that the match is being played on. Some tennis players are great on grass but terrible on clay. Some tennis players are great on clay but terrible on hard surface courts.
  • Check Recent Form – The second strategy to be aware of is stay away from tennis players in bad form. There are several factors that go into why a tennis player is either winning or losing and it is highly suggested that you stay away from those players during this time.
  • Money Management – This probably should be the top strategy as managing your money and bankroll is the most important factor if you want to have long term sustainability. We recommend that you decide a number that you are happy with betting and only use that amount of money each day to wager. Many experts in the industry use a 10% bankroll theory, which means if you have $10,000 in your account, your daily wagering limit would be $1,000. If you are going to play 4 plays in that day, that would mean each play would be approximately $250.

3 Advanced Tennis Betting Tips

Now that we have discussed some basic strategies, let’s take a look at some more in-depth strategies to help increase your winning percentages.

  1. Watch For Schedule Conflicts – OK, let’s first address the pink elephant in the room. There are times when top players have a much larger tournament in the horizon and their travel times must be sort of crammed into a small window so they can fit everything in that small period of time. There are times, when these large favorites sort of play just to play and aren’t concerned with winning a small tournament because they have their sights set on the larger tournament the following week. Therefore, be sure to check those BIG favorites when there is a larger tournament up next!
  2. Avoid Head-To-Head Matchup Bias – When you read most websites, they will give you head-to-head matchups between two tennis players, but they go back as far as they can find. Some players may have 8 years under their belt and what happened 6 years really has no bearing in what will happen this year. What we recommend is looking at the past 2-3 years ONLY. Anything further than 3 years is really stretching it and information that can misconstrue your opinion by old information.
  3. Watch Out For Those Lefties – Playing tennis is sort of routine. The principles remain the same but what makes things difficult is when a tennis pro is not used to playing against lefties and is returning the ball from a different angle. Some players are simply not good against lefties. Use that to your advantage and play some of those lefties at a big price!

Tennis Betting Picks

Tennis has quickly become one of the more popular sports to bet on and there has been a recent push for expert handicappers and free plays going around the world wide web. You should use caution with your selection of a handicapping service that you will use because putting all of your confidence in another person that you really haven’t researched, is bankroll suicide!

Please make sure, before you use any free play or paid handicapping service, that you check out the background of the service. Nothing is worse than playing a few plays that you got from a service and going winless with the plays. Check out their history, recent reputation and long term statistics!

Mobile Betting

In this day in age, everyone has a mobile device that is attached at the hip that we use for everyday living. We track our bills, check calendars, store photos and use it as a main form of communication for talking, sending text messages and checking email. In addition to use the devices for those reasons, you can now use the mobile device to wager on your online sportsbooks website or app. Several of the online sportsbooks now offer apps and the ability to wager online using a mobile device.

This makes betting tennis available not only when you are in front of a computer, but pretty where you go, at anytime. Our top two mobile betting platforms that we recommend are Bookmaker and MyBookie. Both of these online sportsbooks have great mobile applications that allow fast accessibility and rarely show any sort of lag.

The Season

The sport of tennis is pretty much a year round activity that is available to be played at anytime throughout the year. This allows us the ability to bet on tennis all year long. Tennis can be played indoors, in harsh climates, and outdoors in pleasant weather climates.

Tennis Leagues to Bet On

Tennis truly doesn’t have a league per se but they do have different circuits that the players participate in tournaments. There are men’s and women’s tournaments that tennis pro’s play in all around the world. Tennis tournaments are played all over the world and allow tournaments to be played in various areas to make it one of the most multi cultural sports in the world.

There are also various tennis circuits to be played in including ITF, ATP World Tour, WTA Tour and the ATP Challenger Tour. These tournaments are strategically spread out in various countries and played at various times in the year.

Biggest Events to Bet On

There are many large scale tournaments around the world but the top events to wager on are the Grand Slam Tournaments. The Grand Slam Tournaments consist of four tournaments that have all been around over 100 years!

The first Grand Slam Tournament of the year is the Australian Open. The Australian Open is played in the month of January in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. The Australian Open is a hard surface court and was established in 1905! The second Grand Slam of the year is the French Open. The French Open is played between May and June each year on a clay court and has been around since 1891! The third Grand Slam is the Wimbledon, which is played between June and July and is played on a grass court in London, England. The final Grand Slam is the US Open, which takes place between August and September in New York City, on a indoor court with a hard surface.