Responsible Gaming

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Offshore Sportsbooks takes “responsible gambling” very serious and we are committed to help you enjoy gambling as a fun activity. Most people are okay with enjoying betting on sports in a responsible manner, but there are times in can become a problem.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you ensure you practice responsible gaming good habits.

  1. Set Limits – some of the offshore sportsbooks will actually let you “set limits” on your own betting activity. If you feel like this would benefit you, talk to support at one of our trusted offshore sportsbooks about what limits you would like placed on your own account.
  2. Tracking – Be sure to keep track of money you are spending on sports betting and gambling activity. You can use free tools like Google Spreadsheets or a simply notepad to track your spending, winnings and losses.
  3. Don’t Borrow – Only bet on sports with YOUR OWN money. Don’t use credit or other peoples money to wager on sports.
  4. Take Breaks – Balance in life is everything. Don’t let sports betting consume your life. Walk away from the computer and skip making that bet from time to time.
  5. Don’t Chase – This is betting strategy 101 but it’s also a healthy tip for responsible gaming. Do NOT chase your losses. Doing so will put your mindset in a very unhealthy state.
  6. Ask for Help – There are several gambling support lines available. Your state or country may have a place to call. Or sometimes a simple call to a loved one or family member to talk about your issue can help. Get someone to put some accountability on your unhealthy gambling actions.

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