Esports Betting Sites

esports beting guide
Esports betting guide

In only a few years, esports has quickly a force in the online gambling world and it’s popularity can’t be denied. Esports or electronic sports is nothing more than competitive video gaming and it has been a long time coming. With the way video game technology as well as internet has improved, professional video gaming was only a matter of time.

And, as with anything competitive, it was only a matter of time before you could gamble on it. Esports betting works just like you think it does, teams or individuals compete against each other in a certain video game, there is a favorite and a dog and you pick a winner. There are also leagues and tournaments to wager on as well as plenty of wagers to place. It’s estimated that esports gambling runs up to the billions in bets every year. The future is now and the kids have taken over.

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Where to Make Bets

To get started in the world of esports betting, your going to need a place to lay your wager. Luckily for you, every major online gambling site now offers esports betting. You’ll have to dig around a bit and find the right site for you because your options, the wagers, and their bonuses will vary wildly from one site to the next.

You’ll want to look for the games you know and the wagers you like, much like traditional sports. Not only is esports new to the gambling world, it’s also a huge sporting world. There are hundreds of games with hundreds of players on hundreds of teams in hundreds of leagues. It is intimidating to say the least. However, on the right site, you can narrow down what you are looking for.

What to Look for in Esports Betting

And what is it you are looking for exactly? Well, most experienced esports betting pros will tell you to look for the big tournaments and the big head-to-head matches. This way your research has some meaning to it. The bigger the tournament, the more that’s written. The better the player or team, the more that’s written.

It’s just like traditional sports. The reason football is the easiest sports to win a wager on, is because it’s popularity brings in the most coverage. Esports betting can be the same way with the proper approach. It’s a big messy esports world, narrow it down so it makes more sense.

Stick to Tournaments

Sticking to the tournaments is a good place to start. The second is to avoid Best of One matches. Very much like a UFC/MMA fight, a Best of One eSport match has a high level of unpredictability.

If these are the matches you like to watch or follow, do yourself the favor of wagering against the favorite. Take the odds and let that unpredictability work for you. Just remember, as in the traditional leagues, Best of Two and Best of Three matches will give you more skill and less risk.

No Big Upsets in Gaming

Thirdly, and this is the most important, there are no big upsets in esports. Long story short, March Madness it ain’t. You will get smaller upsets here and there, but, for the most part, the cream rises to the top. Don’t confuse this with betting the underdog in a Best of One.

We’re talking about big upsets. There are no mid-majors in esports betting. Learn the favorites and play them over the weaker ones. This is especially true in the team matches. The top tier esports teams are basically Dream Teams and they straight destroy the weaker ones.

Esports Is Team Oriented

Many of the games played in esports are, in fact, team-oriented. For this reason, team rosters will change over quite a bit in order to improve and remain competitive. It can happen quickly, too, and that’s why staying on top of roster changes is very important.

Just like Tom Brady joining the Browns, a roster change with the right gamer to the right team can change everything. And, just like traditional sports, chemistry on teams is very important. If a roster has any kind of change over, it will affect the entire team’s performance, just like any other sport.

Esports Betting Can Be Simple

For the most part, the wagering on esports is very simple. You pick the winner. The only way this really changes is whether you wager on the “Outright Winner” of a tournament or you can play a “Match Winner” of a head-to-head match. The matches, as previously mentioned, may be Best of One, Best of Two, or Best of Three.

Here you can play the moneyline or handicap. Also, eSport Specialty Bets are quickly becoming very popular. These are nothing more than prop bets and the value on them is hard to find. They are new and fun to look over but are still to be avoided.


Esports betting has plenty to offer as the universe they exist in is just so vast. Esports betting should be approached just as traditional sport betting. Know your players, know your team.

Know how the games are played and know what to bet on them. But most importantly of all, do your homework. The exciting part of esports betting is the fact that it’s new so even the oddsmakers are learning on the fly. Do the work and you can catch them before they catch you.