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Deposit Options VISA, Mastercard + 6 others
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  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Live Betting Available
  • US Friendly
What we disliked?
  • Limited Combat Sports
  • Release of Odds

When it comes to reputation in the online sports betting industry, no one can take the claim more than Bookmaker! Bookmaker is easily one of the best online sportsbooks on the world wide web! Bookmaker offers their clients the ability to bet on sports, wager on horse racing from tracks around the world, play online poker and enjoy all aspects of an online casino!

History & Background

Bookmaker has been in operation for over 30 years and have set the standard for professional online sportsbooks. Bookmaker originally got started back in 1985 as a company called BetCris, when they would take sports wagers by phone in their Costa Rica offices. Clients would originally call in, speak with a customer service representative and place their wagers.

In early 2000, they changed the industry by launching their first website. They have since changed their website to their current, state-of-the-art platform. In 2007, BetCris and Bookmaker split, and each company went out on their own to operate their own unique online sportsbook. To sum it up in a nutshell, BetCris would handle all wagers outside of the US and Bookmaker would handle all accounts associated with the US and English-speaking territories.

Pros: Reasons to Bet at Bookmaker

We have been able to spend some extensive time with Bookmaker and determine specific areas in which the sportsbooks simply excel and deserves to be given full points for. We will start by outlining the advantages first, and then go into detail. Bookmaker stands out by virtue of its:

  • Excellent customer support service
  • Betting options across 16 main verticals & racebook
  • Generous $300 deposit bonus
  • A multi-tier loyalty scheme
  • No use of Flash in the User Interface (UI)
  • Anonymous deposits thanks to Bitcoin
  • Fast withdrawals

One of the best features associated with Bookmaker is the fact that they will take high wagers, without the low limits that you will find with other websites. It is not uncommon for Bookmaker to place their limits on a single event upwards in the area of $50,000 when placed by phone.

Another reason to use Bookmaker is the ease and cleanliness of the Bookmaker website. Sometimes in the sports wagering industry, websites can get cluttered and at times, hard to use. We find that Bookmaker offers one of the easiest websites to utilize and they have a very clean page. The site is not crammed with nonsense photos and is simply a website for placing wagers.

The other reason to bet at Bookmaker is the fact that if you are a professional bettor, then they cater to you! Simply put, they are one of the only websites that we have found that don’t limit you once you start winning large amounts of plays and won’t cancel plays on you during those big win streaks.

A Great Selection of Markets

As we have mentioned before, there are over 16 verticals – not including the racebook – you can bet on. This makes for a whole lot of betting. In fact, the website will need to refresh every 60 seconds because of the sheer immensity of the informational exchange that is going there.

You will find the betting options you can take there to be quite flexible. If you are looking to start with something simple in the way of a bet, you can place as little as $1. However, Bookmaker deposits and bets can run as high as $1,000.

In-Play Betting Options

Fan of live betting? You will surely find enough to do and bet on when it comes to Bookmaker’s betting markets. Specifically, the sportsbook uses two very handy features: ‘Today’s Live Betting’ and ‘Closing Soon’.  

This way you can get a very good idea of what’s up for any given today and which games, fights, and races are nearly over with, so you don’t need to pay attention to them.

  • 100% Guaranteed Secure Deposits
  • Human-Verified Bonuses
  • Zero-Risk Betting with Industry-Grade Cyber Protection

Cons: Areas of Improvement for Bookmaker

There truly aren’t many things that we can say that Bookmaker doesn’t do right but if you held a gun to our head and made us choose, it would have to be the fact that they are limited in their Combat Sports.

With many other online sportsbooks, they provide their players with a wide variety of prop and situational wagers that can be played on the undercard, as well as the main card. Bookmaker recently has only had these prop and situational wagers available for their main card bouts.

The only other thing that we can point out is fairly often, we find that Bookmaker releases their odds for certain events later than the other sportsbook. This isn’t always a bad thing because many times, there odds are more competitive than other sportsbooks, but we would like to see the odds release a bit earlier.

Bookmaker Bonus Details

Bookmaker routinely offers some of the best bonus perks in the industry. They will offer large bonus features for new accounts, as well as for customers making redeposits. Bookmaker currently has a bonus feature of 50% sports bonus up to $300 and also 50% casino bonus up to $300.

Bookmaker often has special bonuses for making deposits using Bitcoin. They currently have 50% cash welcome bonus for new clients that make a deposit up to $1,000 using Bitcoin. This bonus does have a 20x rollover that applies to the bonus + deposit amount before any payout can be requested. They also have a free play bonus that is available. This bonus is 100% free play bonus, up to $1,000, when you make a deposit using Bitcoin. This bonus does have a 10x rollover that applies to the bonus + deposit amount before any payout can be requested.

  • 100% Guaranteed Secure Deposits
  • Human-Verified Bonuses
  • Zero-Risk Betting with Industry-Grade Cyber Protection

One of the best bonuses that we like is Bookmaker’s reload bonus. Each time you make a deposit and reload, they will give you a 10% free play in your betting account and they will also cover any western union or MoneyGram fees that are charged for sending money on deposits made for more than $300.

More Bonus Options at Bookmaker

Sports are a collective effort, and Bookmaker knows that. That’s why you can benefit from an additional Refer a Friend (RAF) bonus. This is a tempting offer that offers you and your friend up to $500 in ready cash to go.

You won’t have to deposit anything on your end. All that your friend needs to do is register using your reference and deposit into their account. Once this is done, you will have your account topped off with extra funds. This is how you can experience Bookmaker online for free! Bonus Code is interested in providing you with the best promotions on the market. As a result, you will find seasonal and holiday offers to be quite common. They come in the form of various free bets, no deposit bonus codes and more.

Bonus codes are not overly-used at Bookmaker, but on occasion, you will be offered to claim a few bargain deals using a promotional code. Make sure to check up on what offers the sportsbook has in offer for you and never miss on a great Bookmaker bonus code!

The Loyalty & Rewards System

Bookmaker offers a three-tiered rewards program that goes by the name of BetPoints. By placing wagers, the sportsbook assigns BetPoints you can use to gain access to better promotions. Ideally, this rewards system is geared towards crypto users, but there are some very lucrative options to pick in the FIAT currency department as well.

The Bookmaker EU Mobile App: What Is It?

Making your bets even more intuitive and easy is the job of any great sportsbook out there. This is why you will find the operator’s betting options to be up to scratch, all courtesy of the intuitive Bookmaker Eu mobile app-like experience. Designed to let you take the experience on the go with you, this Bookmaker betting option is quick, reliable, and updating itself in real time.

The user will get an immediate access to everything you would normally need, including a delightful welcome package, and a realistic real-time data for spread, total, money line and handicap betting. And the best part?

You don’t even need to download an app, and instead will get to access the full offer directly through your device’s browser. Bookmaker works a treat with just about any device and operating system (OS) there, whether it’s Windows, Blackberry, Android or iOS.

The biggest advantage we have discovered so far regarding the mobile option here is that it doesn’t use Flash, which makes for an even safer and more intuitive browsing experience overall.

Bookmaker Banking Options

Bookmaker has some of the easiest forms of making a deposit in the entire online sports wagering industry. Since the introduction of Bitcoin, many other sportsbooks have done away with other forms of deposits, but Bookmaker has continued to offer various options for making your deposits. Plus, there are over 50 cryptocurrency options, if you are a fan of that depositing option.

The most popular form of making a deposit is without a doubt, the above stated Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital international currency that is encrypted for safety and security. Bitcoin is one the most secure forms of deposits offered at Bookmaker, as well as any other sportsbook. Bookmaker also offers Western Union, Moneygram and Bank Wire.

Making a withdrawal is very easy with Bookmaker. They offer several options for making a withdrawal including Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular form of withdrawal and also one of the fastest timeframes for receiving your winnings. You can also do Western Union, Bank Wire, Debit Card, Bank Draft (Check) and EcoPAYZ.

We have put these depositing methods to the test, and we are happy to conclude that in most cases, you can rely instant deposits and very quick cash outs. We allocated time to specifically review Bookmaker’s payout and we are happy to conclude that you can trust this sportsbook to take proper care of your funds.

Customer Support

Bookmaker Customer Support is unlike other sportsbooks in the fact that they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! When you need customer support to help with an issue or a concern, they are there to help you out. There are various ways to reach customer service including phone, email and also a live chat.

There are numerous phone numbers to contact Bookmaker including a dedicated line for the Sportsbook, Racebook, Casino, Poker Room, Mobile Betting and New Accounts. You can contact the operator at the following Bookmaker phone numbers and email:

  • General Customer Service 1-877-827-3978
  • Sportsbook 1-888-218-4629
  • Racebook 1-877-833-0813
  • Casino 1-877-278-4080
  • Poker Room 1-888-242-5401
  • Mobile Betting 1-877-827-3978
  • New Accounts 1-877-827-3978

A faster form of customer service is Bookmaker’s chat feature. Simply head over to their website at and click on contact, then Live Chat. You will be forwarded to a chat window where a customer service representative will be readily available to help you.

Public View of Bookmaker

When it comes to public perception, Bookmaker has a great reputation and rightfully so, they are an all-around great sportsbook! A simple Google search will show many more positive engagements compared to the handful of people who will complain. They have been in the business for over 30 years and have built up a large following, both in the means of gamblers and on social media.

Bookmaker has several social media accounts and they stay busy building a social platform. Their Twitter page is their most popular social media account. They have over 7600 followers and post, not only gambling information, but also have polls, contests and post news that is important for betting.


We have numerous clients that are members of Bookmaker and a large majority of them all enjoy the ability to wager with Bookmaker. We feel that Bookmaker is one of the more reliable online sportsbooks that are available and have shown their sustainability by staying in the business for over 30 years. We strongly recommend Bookmaker for your sportsbook, horse racing and casino needs!