SportBet Review

SportBet Welcome Bonus
100% up to $500
Verified Bonus
First Deposit Only: 100% up to $500 Verified Bonus
  • Payout Rate: 93%
What we disliked?
  • Long Registration
  • Not Anonymous


SportBet may seem like an offshore rookie, but they have done quite well in emulating the mainstream sportsbooks out there. Their approach and strategy are not that of a marginalized operator that’s desperate to stand out from the crowd. They are the full-package when it comes to being the proper embodiment of the excellence that’s required of a outstanding sportsbook. A brilliant multi-purpose facility, SportBet is more than a mere bookmaker, with every aspect of its offer hammered with diligence.

While you won’t find an active certification on the website, you can rest assured that the public sentiment favors the bookmaker. They provide betting options that the majority of their offshore rivals have thought unnecessary. However, SportBet will not refuse to go to great lengths in order to provide you with all the available betting options you could ever wish for.

With this being said, we embark on our review in a bid to determine the qualities of arguably one of the best bookmakers in the offshore industry. Naturally, we approach the subject meticulously. Before long, however, you will see for yourself that this is an operator that was established at the very onset of the gambling industry and has moved with the times. We focus on everything that promises to make your stay worth your time.

From the straightforward banking facilities to the elaborate bonus page, there’s hardly anything that doesn’t reiterate the website’s excellence. Let’s take a look at what some of the features here are.

History & Background

Established in 1996, you could have expected SportBet to be a rather clunky affair, an old-timer that has not quite made it through in the competitive world. Far from it, the bookie may not have been interested in legitimizing its offer in the official sense of the word, i.e. by acquiring a license, but honestly, with a public sentiment that supports SportBet, who would care about it anyway?

Of course, there are drawbacks to not having a license, but over 20 years in business have signaled SportBet’s intentions quite clearly. They have been pretty active on the landscape of the offshore industry. While we will stand by our opinion that the bookie is an excellent place to wager on the outcome of a sports game, their hand is not unerring.

In other words, they have had minor brushes with customers. For instance, they have been on the wrong about a player’s deposit in at least one occasion. To their credit, however, they have resolved the issue expediently. A rather more confusing feature is the debit that inactive players accumulate, which is less than graceful, but then again the T&C of the website specify such things, and while unpleasant to the customer, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the binding rules of the website itself.

And so, this concludes our account into the past of SportBet. The bookie’s reputation is spotless, despite the little altercations that come and go. Still, nothing to worry you in the slightest. After all, Sportbet is in the centre of gamers’ attention and therefore incentivized to play by the rules, which it has – for over 20 years now.

Pros: Reasons to Bet at SportBet

As we have pointed out, SportBet doesn’t mind being an offshore bookie, but they sure as hell will aim to be the best one out there. They have completed their website by donning it with all the distinctive traits of a mainstream operator who operates under a license. To the company, just because they are located offshore doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t uphold the highest industry standards.

And so they do. You have an overwhelming variety of payment solutions, enabling you to choose your preferred deposit and withdrawal method that’ll guarantee speed and safety. Instead of worrying too much about forwarding or receiving a payment, you can spend that time crunching numbers and devising your next plot which will effectively help you add to your bankroll.

The responsive customer support is suave and polite. They will have your back in the moments when you have run into a wall and help you circumnavigate any hurdle that comes your way. To step things up, you can additionally benefit from the comfortable anonymity that bitcoin bestows upon you when you choose it as your payment options.

Cons: Areas of Improvement for SportBet

When we first set out to register, we did find some bugbears. First, the Join Now button was rather tucked away and it took us longer than it normally would to find it. It’s usually under the main banner to the right if you are in the sportsbook’s home page. We’d normally expect to find registration at least few spots all throughout the main menu.

With this in mind, the second hurdle we found rather unpleasant was that the information you enter may not be altered even in the slightest. Imagine you made a mistake while registering, you will have to reach out to customer support to alter this, but we recommend that you close your account and repeat the process entirely as this will prove to be a faster solution.

Even though there’s Bitcoin as a payment method, you cannot, in fact, be anonymous. All your payments will leave a digital footprint which partly defeats the purpose of using Bitcoin in the first place. Partly though, because Bitcoin is also intended as the means to divulge a transaction that happens in the offshore industry so that you can get hold of your funds quicker.

Of course, these are rather minor issues if they can be called that in the first place. You need not worry about them, but as it is our duty, we see these as places where the website can definitely go out of its way to improve.

SportBet Bonus Details

The bonus page can be a tad confusing. The truth is, the bookie offers a slew of options to bet on and this is quite flattering indeed. You can benefit from a neat 50% welcome offer up to $520 in free play treats. The welcome bonus comes with own sets of prerequisites that you will need to examine up close. For starters, you may not claim the bonus unless you stake $100 as your first amount.

If you stake between $100 and $400 as your first deposit, you can claim up to $200 in free-play money. If your amount is anything between $400-$2000, you will quickly end up with 200% bonus free-play, or $520 in total. Naturally, the more money you stake, the more difficult would be to clear the requirements so we advise some caution here.

  • 100% Guaranteed Secure Deposits
  • Human-Verified Bonuses
  • Zero-Risk Betting with Industry-Grade Cyber Protection

Instead of going the full monty, why not opt for a relatively small amount? With the $100 wager, you will be able to get a taste of the sportsbook and clear all the wagering requirements quickly and easily.

Of course, you may be afraid of missing out on the tempting welcome bonus offer. Rest assured that SportBet has done their best to prepare multiple tempting treats that you will certainly want to explore. If you are a rookie on SportBet and wagering in general, we recommend that you focus on learning the ropes first.

SportBet Banking Options

Banking on SportBet is done exquisitely well. With most offshore bookmakers you can never be certain if your payment is going to incur fees or not unless you search carefully around for the conditions that are tucked away somewhere. SportBet puts them in a central position where you can check how quickly payments clear and what potential bills you may foot. The good news is the majority of the things that you might enquire about the payment solutions can normally be found easily.

Customer Support

The customer support agents are another strong feature of the bookmaker. Put aside the simple fact that phone and e-mail are readily available. You may consult SportBet’s experts via Live Chat as well, which puts the website quite up there with the rest of the top operators in the business. The live chat feature is quite responsive indeed, and it usually takes mere moments to patch you through with customer support.

Public View of SportBet

SportBet has never fallen foul of the public opinion. Perusing the news available for the website, we have found out a lot about the company’s plans to expand and cater to a vast majority of users. When we took to forums where people exchange opinions about a given bookmaker, we couldn’t find anything incriminating. The opinions were well balanced and argumentative, meaning that SportBet is on the right path.


It’s seldom that we come across such an accomplished bookmaker. On the one hand, they operate in one of the most challenging areas in the world and have to jump many regulator hoops to stay in the clear. Then again, they have done so with apparent effortlessness without compromising customer care nor making their punters pick up the slack for something SportBet themselves may have overlooked. All of this goes to show what sort of a bookmaker they are, we are quite pleased with the results.