TopBet Review

TopBet Welcome Bonus
100% up to $1000
Verified Bonus
First Deposit Only: 100% up to $1000 Verified Bonus
  • Payout Rate: 94%
What we disliked?
  • Lacking Promotions
  • No Racebook
  • Less Markets

Introduction may look like a minnow at first blush, but the website’s been in business for a fair while now. It has branched out into more than a mere bookmaker or just an online casino. The multi-purpose layout and options are quite telling and they signal a company that has done its utmost to maintain the best practices of the iGaming and sports wagering industry. Not surprisingly, their dedication has paid in quite the significant way.

Our review focuses on the features that make your stay on TopBet worth it. We will examine all the little details and the benefits that come with playing here as well as the perceived drawbacks. In the following lines, we will examine how well the bank facilities have been put together as well as pay attention to the welcome freebies. Whether TopBet is one of the best operators is a matter of a closer scrutiny. And that’s exactly what we’ll do.

In addition, we will dive deep into the trove of available opinions about the operator and analyze the public sentiment when it comes to this particular sportsbook. It’s quite a bit to take in at first, but we will make sure that the information we present is broken down in easily-digestive yet informative bits. Let’s not dilly-dally any longer and jump straight to our take on one of the arguably best offshore bookies.

History & Background

TopBet was established back in 2011. By all standards, TopBet is not exactly an elder. The website has seen its fair bit of action, that’s undeniable, but then again it doesn’t go back decades. Even then, the brief spell that it has been around has been enough to allow the sportsbook to pinpoint exactly what sport bettors want and need.

Much to the credit of the bookie, though, TopBet sports a license from the Curacao eGaming authority, one of the handful of bodies that issue gambling licenses. That’s quite the feat for a sportsbook located in the offshore industry indeed.

The company started with the US market in mind. As a result, today’s US gamers can enjoy easy and effortless access to the betting venue that TopBet has created for them. While the payment options vary quite a fair bit, you can, in fact, rely on credit or debit card to clear a deposit, or failing that opt for Bitcoin or DHL.

Perhaps you are not used to having a courier service handling your deposits and withdrawals, but as it turns out – the offshore industry is under pressure from the anti-gambling laws in the US so in order to cater to US gamers, TopBet has to opt for the methods that don’t inconvenience its customers.

Pros: Reasons to Bet at Topbet

You won’t be lacking reasons to play here. The bookie has been around for long enough to inspire trust. Perusing popular betting forums, we couldn’t find a crusade underway against TopBet, which signals the integrity of the sportsbook. When it comes to the website itself, the layout is quite pleasant and intuitive. If you are wondering if you can take out your mobile gadget and bet this way, you needn’t worry – TopBet is mobile compatible.

The main panel of the website is arranged intuitively to allow you to quickly find your way around the place. Navigation is broken down in to separate and rather self-explanatory divisions. A special bonus feature also beckons to you from the top of the website, which makes it quite the feat in its own right.

If you want to sort out the odds by sport, that’s quite feasible and you don’t have a thing to worry about. Just pick your discipline from the menu and prepare to wager. Admittedly, you won’t find quite every sport on record there, but there are still a fair few that are well into the mainstream and we will bet – something you are fond of.

Last but not least is the great bonus feature that will fuel up your efforts on the sports wagers. Figure you won’t have enough bankroll to play around? Don’t worry, you needn’t much. Besides, the casino will hook you up with the funds to get you started.

Cons: Areas of Improvement for TopBet

TopBet has an authentic look of a bookmaker that operates in the offshore industry. But don’t think that the relative simplistic design equals drawbacks. Quite on the contrary. The bookie provides you with a range of options that will help you manage your wagers effortlessly.

Some bookmakers like to keep their racebooks and bookies separate, but TopBet, alas, doesn’t offer even horse betting markets, which is a bit regretful. Horses are, after all, one of the largest markets out there, which means that many opportunities for the gamer are possibly squandered.

All in all, we can’t say that these are game-ruining experiences unless you are a staunch supporter of horse racing in which case you will have to consider another bookie on top of TopBet to meet your gaming needs.

TopBet Bonus Details

As many sign-up bonuses go, TopBet’s entry-level goodie is a matched affair. You wager a given sum and your money is matched up to 100% up to $1,000, which make this offer quite the temptation. We do love the monetary leeway provided by the up-to-1000 bonus. However, we do need to warn you against some of the dangers that come with it.

If you end up staking $1,000 the bonus money will clearly be another $1,000. Now, given the wagering requirements, you will need to play through your money at least 5 times before you can cash out. In this case, 5*$2,000 = $10,000 before you can claim any money.

Rest assured that this is not a case against the bookie though. Instead of jumping in so deep, you may instead just focus on some smaller sum that will give you a leg-up in the world of big wagers. You can complement the welcome treat with some of the special bonuses that run monthly or on specific days of the week.

  • 100% Guaranteed Secure Deposits
  • Human-Verified Bonuses
  • Zero-Risk Betting with Industry-Grade Cyber Protection

TopBet has figured a way to keep its audience well-entertained and that’s a laudable trait with any established bookie.

TopBet Banking Options

Ah, yes. The perennial bugbear of the offshore industry. How to make the banking facilities work in your favor? To be perfectly honest – it’s not an easy undertaking and one that you will most certainly have to come back over and over again. However, there are often ways out, which will allow you to hopefully find your own foothold soon enough.

The banking options TopBet offer are some of the best available, although admittedly, a little limited. However, this is not through any fault of the bookmaker itself. They have tried to be as accommodating as possible, and that’s why they use bank cards, bitcoin, and courier services to make sure that your payments are processed in a timely fashion. QuickCash is another viable option.

Now, you need to know that withdrawals may take between 2 and 5 business days and this is because of the intricate process of moving offshore money to you. However, the courier services are rather expedient, and they remain one of our favorite options to settle payments.

Mind, that there will be a weekly limit of how many withdrawals you can make and up to what sum. You may only benefit from a limited number of checks over a specific period, too.

Customer Support

Customer support is accessible in a two-fold manner. You can opt for the most common landline, which promises a speedy resolution of any worry that you may have, or you can instead go after the e-mail agents who will take some time to reply alas. If we were to give you a straight recommendation, we’d advise you to pick the phone option over e-mail every time.

Public View of TopBet

Much to their credit, TopBet has not been bogged down by any adversarial scandals. It has kept its reputation clean and that makes it a reliable pick in the public’s eyes. It’s largely for this reason that the bookie can cater to thousands of gamers who know that their banking data and wagers are safe with TopBet.


As an offshore bookmaker, TopBet is definitely slated to grow. It will have to change in order to catch up to the mainstream bookies and as its operations grow and regulation in the US becomes milder, we will witness a company that will have to decide whether they want to launch their charm offensive on the market in full or remain comfortably in the fringes. There are merits to both decisions.