NHL Betting Sites

NHL Betting Sites
NHL Betting Sites

The National Hockey League has one of the most loyal and rabid fan-bases of all the major sports. The season is six months long, there are games every night, and their playoffs are always packed with great matchups and upsets. The NHL is a sports league with plenty of fans and that can only lead to one thing, plenty of NHL gamblers.

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Hockey is a unique sport in many ways, especially when laying a wager. If you are an NHL fan as well as an NHL gambler, it’s important to find the right online sportsbook to place your NHL wagers. There are hundreds of sites available online offering plenty of action. However, not all sites are created equal and to find the right site, you’ll have to do some digging.

Not to worry, as we’ve done some homework for you right here. We know what you need in a good online sportsbook when it comes to the NHL. Be sure to follow these guidelines before you choose your next NHL sportsbook or lay your next NHL bet.


Every online sportsbook has plenty of bonuses and promotions to offer. It’s a great way for them to grab your attention and separate themselves from the others right off the bat. However, many bonuses and promotions are a little too good to be true and you must look into the fine print to find the best one for you and what you are looking to spend.

There are rollovers and account freezes to watch out for. Of course, these rollovers and account freezes are industry standard and a necessity. Online sportsbooks can’t just give away money in bonuses without requiring some action in return. They wouldn’t last long like that. You want low rollovers. Look for sites that actually promote and advertise their rollovers. A 5 to 10 time rollover is the average of what you will find, anything over that should be avoided.


Much like bonuses, online sportsbooks are beginning to offer more and more promotions. Special deals for big events, important games, or a new season. The better sites will have plenty of these, however, since you are betting on hockey, look for ones that are hockey-oriented.

If you plan on playing the whole hockey season, the playoffs, and into the Cup, you won’t have any problem clearing their rollovers and account freezes and you get all they offer. The more promotions the better.


The popularity of online sports gambling has been increasing every year and shows no sign of stopping. This has lead to the online sportsbook industry to be flooded with hundreds of sites taking action on as much as they can. Of course, not every site is on the up-and-up. Some are money traps just out to grab as much cash as they can.

They refuse to pay, freeze accounts, and hit you with as many fees as they can dream up. Luckily, word travels fast in the online sports gambling world so there is plenty of information about every site you can find. Do a little research when you find an online sportsbook you like. Avoiding a site with a bad reputation is well worth the time.


The puckline is the most important wager in an online sportsbook. If you see a puckline wager, it means your online sportsbook is taking the NHL wagers seriously and will have the action you want. Many sites will give you only moneylines and totals on NHL bets and this is because they are getting their action elsewhere on the site.

Some sites are more focused on other sports or their casino or their poker rooms. You want to see as many NHL specific wager options as you can to know you are in the right online sportsbook.

Special Wagers

If your site has pucklines, you are off to a good start but there are more NHL specific specialty wagers available and you should be sure to look and see if they are available. The first is the First Period Wager. Often considered a prop, the First Period Wager is exactly what it sounds like.

You are picking the winner after Period One instead of Period Three. This is a good wager on teams with big offenses that get out to big leads. Very much like baseball’s First 5 Innings wager, it’s very popular and good to see in you online sportsbook.

The other bet you would like to see is the NHL Grand Salami wager. This wager is a straightforward Totals bet where the gambler places a wager on the total number of goals scored during all the games in one day. Not just one of the games like a normal Totals bet, but all of the games.

Some sportsbook will even be more specific and offer Grand Salami wagers on away games or home games. Anyway they do it, if your sportsbook is offering NHL special wagers, stick with them.

Hockey Betting Guide

Hockey is one of the oldest forms of sports on record, with the history books showing hockey being played as much as 4000 years ago in Egypt! Hockey as we know it in modern day, specifically with the NHL, has been around since December 19, 1917, when it was developed in Canada with five teams consisting of Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, Quebec Bulldogs and Toronto Arenas.

The NHL Season has now many more teams and play a significant more amount of games each year. Now, with many years behind us, people from around the world bet on hockey in many various forms. Whether it be playing the sides, the total or the Grand Salami, there is something to bet for every hockey fan!

Four Steps to Start Betting on Hockey

  1. When you make the decision to bet on hockey, the first thing you will need to do is find a sportsbook, but not just any sportsbook, you’re going to want to find one that is reliable, dependable and won’t cause you to turn gray over night! Finding a sportsbook that is reliable and dependable isn’t as easy as it may seem. You need to find out about making withdraws, how difficult it is to place wagers, lag time for placing wagers online, and most of all, the reliability of the website.
  2. Now that you’ve found a sportsbook, now you need to sign up with the website. Signing up with most online sportsbooks is easy as 1-2-3. With most sites, you simply fill out a simple form that requires your name, address, date of birth and basic information consistent with filling out a form online.
  3. Now that you’ve signed up and have an account, you need to make a deposit. Making a deposit shouldn’t be a difficult process, no matter what sportsbook you decide to go with. Many betting fans have now found a love for Bitcoin for making deposits and withdraws and it has quickly become the top source for making deposits online.
  4. The only thing left to do is to log into your account and make your hockey bets! It is really that simple. You can be betting hockey in a matter of minutes!

Top Offshore Hockey Sites

Betting hockey isn’t easy and having the right sportsbook to wager on can be the difference between a win and a loss as you want to spend a significant amount of your time doing research and very little on the website placing the wager. Finding that clean and easy website is a must to keep your sanity and to make betting on hockey fun. No one enjoys going on a website and seeing the hourglass just spinning…and spinning…and spinning…and spinning…and…well you get the point. When you look for a sportsbook, you want a sportsbook that has great data service and little lag time! Below are the four top sportsbooks that we recommend for betting hockey!

  • MyBookie – Our top hockey sportsbook that we recommend is MyBookie. The main reason being is the ease of use for their website. It is very easy to view their website, whether it is on a mobile device or on a computer. Their website is very secure and use some of the safest software in the industry to make sure their hockey players are safe and have a piece of mind when betting hockey at MyBookie.
  • Bookmaker – One of the biggest assets a online sportsbook can offer its clients is the ability to wager early and allow the client to see odds far in advance. Most online websites will post lines 24 hours in advance but there are many times when Bookmaker will release hockey odds far in advance, when a team is off for a few days. This is a great feature that you don’t find at every online sportsbook.
  • GTBets – GTBets has always been one of the top hockey betting sites, not only because they have a large variety of NHL plays but they also have other hockey wagers available in the off season. GTBets commonly have wagers available on Russian Hockey, Finland Hockey, Germany Hockey and many other European leagues. GTBets usually have very competitive odds for their hockey lines and are one of the most professional companies in the industry.
  • Intertops – Intertops is one of the more experienced hockey online sportsbook available. Intertops posts very competitive lines and give their clients a wide variety of options when playing hockey with them. It is very easy to make deposits and withdraws at Intertops and the customer service is top notch!

Types of Hockey Bets

  • Puck Line – Puck Line Betting is defined as any type of bet where the wagering is based on winning by or with a specific number instead of the actual outcome.
  • Totals – Total Bets are the over/under bets that you can wager on a hockey game. In the basic total bets, you combine both teams scores to determine a win or loss of the bet.
  • MoneyLine – Moneyline wagering is simply a basic wager on a specific team to win a game. There is no point spread and your hockey team just needs to win the game.
  • Parlays – A parlay bet is a combination of two or more bets placed together at a specific odd that is usually more beneficial than playing a straight spread wager. Both teams must win for you to gain the advantage of the odds.
  • Grand Salami Wager – A Grand Salami bet is a combined sum of every hockey team playing on that single night.

Hockey Betting Odds & Lines

Hockey odds and lines are usually released the night before, at least 24 hours in advance, of their future game. Hockey lines usually reflect on the goalie and the record of the team. You can find odds at various different websites so make sure you shop your lines before placing a wager.

Live Betting on Hockey

Hockey is a game of momentum and many times, a team will jump out to an early lead but with a replacement of the goalie, you like the other team. There may even be times when you like that other team to come back and win the game, even though they are currently behind in the game.

When times like that happen, it is very beneficial to bettors to wager on that team plus the odds. In most situations in hockey, if a team is behind in the game, there odds will be much stronger than if they were in the lead. That is when it is most beneficial to play that team and capitalize with the Live Betting aspect of betting.

We recommend two sportsbooks for Live Betting on hockey. First, we recommend MyBookie. As you read earlier, they are one of the cleanest and easiest sites to use and their live feature is quick to use and easy to maneuver through. The second online sportsbook that we recommend is Bookmaker. Bookmaker rarely ever has any issues with the Live Betting and they offer a ton of options, especially with hockey, in their Live Betting platform.

Hockey Betting Strategy

Ask any expert professional gambler and they will all tell you that they have some sort of strategy that they use to maintain sustainability. Whether they are very basic or requires extensive research, a strategy in hockey betting is a must if you want to be successful. Below are three basic hockey betting strategies that our experts have listed to help you with betting hockey.

  • Know Team Schedules – Each year, teams have long road trips that make them more fatigued, than normal. This happens because players are travelling for long periods of time, sleeping in hotels, not eating at normal hours and most of all, they are simply tired from playing so much. Mark these times down on a calendar and use it to your advantage. If you see a team is on the road for 2 weeks, and are starting to play worse towards the end of the road trip, chances are, they are tired and a great team to wager against.
  • Watch Those Group Games – This is very similar to the above strategy but even applies when they are at home. Many times throughout the year, teams will play stretches of games that make them very tired and fatigued. Many times throughout the season you will see teams play 3 games in 4 nights, sometimes even 5 games in 6 nights. When those groupings of games occur, be sure you use it to your advantage and wager against those teams.
  • Know The Injuries – This sounds like common sense but far too often people ignore injuries because lines usually aren’t changed in hockey. What that means is, hockey is different than other sports in the fact that when players get injured and taken out of the starting lineup, the puck line or point spread does not change. Instead, the odds on the game will change, which most people don’t pay attention to. Hockey is one of the toughest sports in the world and players are injured every game! Find out who is out before you place any wagers!

3 Advanced Hockey Betting Tips

Once you begin to get the grasp on a basic hockey betting strategy, you will want to begin rounding out your style of wagering so that you become more profitable and begin to be able to save some money in your bank account.  The next three strategies are more advanced betting tips to help you really crush the sportsbooks!

  1. Know The Goalie – Odds are usually released at least a day out for each game and when odds are released, they are usually formed around the team in general with the team’s best goalie. Hockey is different than most sports in the fact that goalies will be switched out usually between 2 players on a team. If you find that the weaker of the two goalies is playing for a team that you are leaning against, you may want to increase your wager a little more as the odds will be in your favor with the weaker goalie.
  2. Play The Afternoon Matinee Under – The NHL is making a constant effort into getting more younger fans out to hockey games. When this happens, it completely screws up players schedules and traditions, which routinely shows that it has a major factor in the total. This strategy is VERY successful but it only works on games that hit the ice before 1:30 PM.
  3. Stop Playing Parlays In Hockey! – Hockey can be one of the tougher sports to bet on because the salary cap makes the teams fairly even, therefore any team can win on any given night. Winning one game is tough but winning two, three or even four teams in a single night is much harder. Many people will see parlay payouts and be persuaded into playing a parlay for a bigger payday…stop! Hockey is tough and much harder to cash those parlays!

Hockey Betting Picks

Hockey isn’t as popular as some of the other sports due to its limited exposure in cities across the US but there are still hundreds, if not thousands of handicappers that are experts at picking NHL games. Another reason for its lack of popularity is due to the fact that its season runs parallel with the NFL, which is one of the most watched and most widely bet sports in the industry.

This is why it is very important to find a reliable handicapping service that can provide you with reliable betting picks and provide you with the needed information, whether a paid service or freeplays, to help guide you through hockey wagering.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is popular among most gamblers and rightfully so. With mobile betting, you can download an app or website to your mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Kindle or other sort of mobile device and wager from the device at anytime, anywhere! No more entering plays early because you have plans, then finding out a player is out of the lineup. There really is no worse feeling than knowing that if you would of waited, you wouldn’t of played that bet and would of saved money.

That is why mobile betting is a great feature to look for with your online sportsbook. Simply put the app or website on your phone and play your wagers when you have time.

Hockey Leagues to Bet On

The most well known, and really the only league to bet on for hockey is the National Hockey League, also known as the NHL. The NHL consists of 31 teams, which is one of the only professional sports with an uneven number of teams. The 31st team to be franchised into the NHL was the team from Las Vegas, who will start playing in the 2018-2019 season.

The Season

The NHL Hockey Season runs from early October through early April. Each team in the NHL will play a total of 82 games in the season. NHL is played on nearly every night of the week, with matinee games usually being played on Saturday and Sunday.

Biggest Events to Bet On

The biggest event to bet on in hockey is the Stanley Cup Finals. The Stanley Cup Finals is a best of seven series. The Stanley Cup Finals usually takes place around the final week of May and goes into the first week of June.