MLB Betting Sites

Our National Pastime is enjoyable and popular for many reasons. It has a long and rich history, passionate fans, and plenty of in-game action. One reason you may not hear much about is that baseball is also one of the most popular American sports for gamblers.

To say Major League Baseball has a long rich history with gambling is a bit of an understatement as there are about a dozen major motion pictures that have been produced on the subject. Gambling in baseball is a constant and as long as there is baseball, there will be somewhere to wager on baseball.

Online gambling and sportsbooks are all the rage these days and there are plenty of sites to place a wager. However, all of these sites are not created equal, especially when it comes to placing a bet on the MLB. It is important to find the right online sportsbook for you and your wagers.

Researching the pros and cons of a particular sportsbook is as important as researching the odds on a wager. There are options to take advantage of and features to avoid. Not to worry though as we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Below is a list of every feature you will need to make the best baseball wager you can at the best site you can find.


1.  Bovada

$250 Bonus
2.  Bookmaker

$2500 Bonus
3.  MyBookie

$1000 Bonus
4.  BetOnline

$2500 Bonus
5.  Intertops

$200 Bonus

All the Wagers You Need

It is important in baseball gambling to be sure you have access to every game and every type of wager. Moneylines, spreads, totals, and in-game props should all be available for every MLB game on the site you choose. A site without these basic wagers is not the online sportsbook you want.

There are some sportsbooks that will not carry every game either and these are to be avoided as well. It’s best to think of the big board in a Las Vegas sportsbook. Every game and every wager imaginable is there and ready for you to play and your online sportsbook should be no different.


In effort to distinguish themselves from the rest, many online sportsbooks will have plenty of promotions, bonuses, and special features for you upon signing up and continuing to play. Welcome bonuses, matching bonuses, reload bonuses, contests, refer-a-friend offers, and on and on.

There are a ton of sites and they all offer something to you. It is important before signing up with any online sportsbook to do your homework and find out if what they offer and if they offer what you need. You can visit any online sportsbook promotional page without signing up so it is wise to do so.

You want big bonuses with small rollover rates with contests and special offers focused on baseball. Checking out just three or four sites will show you the big difference between them and how much there is to gain for you to pick the right one.

Guard Your Bankroll

Many of the sites promotions are just like any promotion, they are only there to get you to spend your money. Be sure to guard your bankroll against such features and use the promotions on your terms. Don’t accept an NFL bonus if you have no intention of wagering on the NFL.

Don’t accept the casino bonus if you have no intention of wagering in the casino. There are a lot of bells and whistles all over the online sportsbooks so be sure to ignore the ones that do nothing for you and capitalize on the ones that do.

First 5 Innings

One of the latest innovations in Major League Baseball gambling is the “First 5 Innings” wager. This is a very popular bet as it places more importance on starting pitching by cutting the game virtually in half, all without giving up odds. The wager is final after the bottom of the fifth inning. And a good starting pitcher can get you there no problem.

No more bullpens or late inning heroics. It is easy to see why baseball gamblers prefer it as there is nothing worse than a blown save in the ninth to ruin you day. Be sure your online sportsbook has this wager because if it doesn’t it is not taking baseball betting seriously and you’ll be better served elsewhere.

Live Betting

Another very popular new feature to online sportsbooks is live betting. Not too long ago, if a game had started and you missed first pitch, you were locked out of a wager. Not with live betting. Now, live betting allows you to place a wager at any point of the game. The lines, odds, and even totals are updated batter to batter, out by out.

Missed getting a bet in before starting time? No problem. Or maybe you didn’t agree with the odds. Just wait because they could change. Live betting is a must have feature for baseball betting on any online sportsbook.