Boxing is one of the most popular sports in betting, with millions of stakes on massive fights throughout the year. There are a lot of similarities between betting on boxing and MMA events like UFC. One of the most common is the ability to wager on round markets.

These can often be highly lucrative when making wagers on the action inside the squared circle, and you can find out everything you need to know about the round betting market right here.

What Is Round Betting in Boxing?

Boxing round betting is one of the most straightforward betting markets to understand. In this market, you will wager on the winner of a specific fight and round that the fight will end.

This means that in a 12-round contest, all available rounds will be available to bet on. Meanwhile, the option to wager on a decisive victory for either fighter involved and the draw is also available.

Can It Be Lucrative?

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Round betting can be highly lucrative when betting on boxing. The wager has to be incredibly accurate to get returns from your selection. For example, if you bet on a boxer to end a fight in the seventh round, you could expect to find odds of around +1600.

A $10 wager on this selection could return $170. However, the named boxer and the specified round must be correctly accurate to get the winnings. Therefore, the stake would be lost if the fighter selected wins in the prior round.

Tips for Round Betting

Round betting is often a tricky betting market to make wagers on, as there is no way of knowing how sooner or later a bout could be ended. One way bettors can better understand the fighters involved is to look at previous fights.

A trend of a boxer regularly finishing their opponent in the sixth round could be a good pinpoint for a betting angle. However, there could still be room for error in this bet, as no two boxing fights are the same.

Round Betting Alternative

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Instead of round betting, many bettors often place wagers on the round-group betting market. This selection isn’t as lucrative but offers little room for error. Bettors will get three potential rounds for the stoppage to be scored here. However, some sportsbooks will offer slightly different brackets. For example, in a ten-round contest, you could make a wager on the fight to be ended between rounds three and four.

The odds for this selection may be slightly shorter at 10/1. However, having two rounds covered will immediately help the bettors’ chance of gaining returns from their selection.

Are There Always 12 Rounds in Boxing?

The number of scheduled rounds in a boxing match often depends on the situation. However, the vast majority, including all bouts for world titles, will be 12 rounds.

Each fight is mainly made up of three-minute rounds. However, some fights could slightly alter the number of scheduled rounds, with some bouts lasting only four and some being made up of either eight or ten.