The BBC’s Sports Person of the Year is the most significant sports award in the UK, and that’s why many consider it an elite honor one athlete could receive. Here are the odds of the 2023 candidates. 

2023 Before Betting on BBC’s Sports Person of the Year

The year didn’t start, and the BetUS already released the odds for this year’s laureate. Even though it’s still early, we have a few names that stand above all others and are already frontrunners for victory. Over the following few lines, we will present the top five guys and their odds.

2023 BBC’s Sports Person of the Year Offshore Odds

The 2019 winner, Ben Stokes, is now the captain of the English Test team, and was the 2022 T20 World Cup central figure leading the English unit to a trophy. He and the all-time great F1, Lewis Hamilton, are the top two candidates for the title. 

Ben Stokes+500
Lewis Hamilton+650
Joe Root+800
George Russell+800
Tyson Fury+1000

Stokes’ teammate, Joe Root, is also in the mix, while another F1 driver, George Russell, sits right next to the 32-year-old cricket player, having the same odds as him.

Our favorite is Tyson Fury, who could easily unify heavyweight belts and become one of the few boxers in history to do that. The previous one who held all the titles was another Brit, Lennox Lewis, the 1999 prize winner.