Joe Biden and Donald Trump won the nominations of their respective parties for the upcoming US Presidential elections. They have the needed number of delegates and are now ready to get into a fierce and muddy campaign. Again.

Odds Haven’t Changed a Lot 

The odds slightly favor Donald Trump winning the 2024 US Presidential elections, with him sitting at -120 to enter the White House. Meanwhile, the incumbent President, Joe Biden, is +120 to win the second term. 

Donald Trump-120
Joe Biden+120
Michelle Obama+1600
Gavin Newsom+2500
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.+2500

Both candidates are already preparing their base and voters for a grueling fight, and the entire public is already choosing between Trump and Biden, even though some “independent” candidates might jump in and try to make a sensation. Or at least spoil the plans of one of these two main rivals.

Michell Obama is considered to be a third favorite, but we simply don’t believe that the former First Lady will enter the race because the Democratic party doesn’t want to split their voters between two candidates who are coming from the same source. 

California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, has the same odds as Robert F Kennedy Jr., who, according to various outlets, intends to be the independent candidate. Behind these are the current Vice President, Kamala Harris, and Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan. All the other candidates are way behind the above-mentioned. 

RFK Enigma

Kennedy Jr., who comes from one of the greatest political dynasties in the United States, has already announced his intentions to “shake” the system. RFK has solid popularity, but the chances of him becoming the 47th US President are thin. 

In the meantime, RFK called Aaron Rodgers to be his Vice President candidate. Many believe that Kennedy’s candidacy would help Biden more than Trump because his voters don’t like the current system, just as Trump’s.