USA vs. Germany FIBA World Cup Offshore Betting Odds, Preview, Picks

Prepare for a thrilling match between the USA and Germany, set to take place in Manila this Friday. It is the semis of the FIBA World Cup, so the stakes can’t be higher.  Before Betting on the USA vs. Germany Team USA has showcased its dominance throughout the tournament, securing victories over Jordan, New Zealand, […]

Latest and Updated 2023 FIBA World Cup Champion Offshore Betting Odds

The 2023 FIBA World Cup starts, and here are the latest updated odds for this competition. The teams have announced their final rosters ahead of the tournament, and adjusted its odds after these actions. Before Betting on the 2023 FIBA World Cup Champion There has been plenty of turbulences ahead of the World Cup, […]

2023 FIBA World Cup Offshore Betting Odds

Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia host the FIBA Basketball World Cup from August 25 to September 10. These three nations will be honored to guest the best hoops players on the globe.  Before Betting on the 2023 FIBA World Cup The top favorite is the USA, who comes to this competition with a renewed and young […]

Joel Embiid Next Team Offshore Betting Odds

Joel Embiid’s enigmatic behavior hints that he might no longer be happy in Philly. On the other side, the fans are slowly starting to feel fed up with his whining and constant failures when it comes to making big results.  Up next, you will see the odds, provided by, for Embiid’s next team if […]

Ja Morant Props Offshore Betting Odds

Ja Morant was at the center of the media attention these days, not because of positive actions, but completely opposite. His behavior has made him one of the biggest villains in the NBA. Before Betting on Ja Morant Props Morant has been one of the biggest stars in the league, and arguably one of the […]

Draymond Green Next Team Offshore Betting Odds

Draymond Green was one of the most vital players in the Warriors’ dynasty, but after 11 years, he decided to hit free agency this summer. The 33-year-old veteran is about to find himself a new team.  These odds are for the teams and do not include the Warriors.  Before Betting on Draymond Green Next Team […]