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OffshoreSportsbooks.com brings you the latest news & information from the world of sports and the betting industry. We are a committed provider of quality industry news. Our staff of highly trained writers is interested in studying industrial moves up close and providing readers with insight and comprehensive articles that establish us as a leading authority in the world of sports and sports business news.

Through our dedicated efforts, we are committed to building another frontier for sports fans and business people to put their trust into. We believe that through adequate and thorough coverage, our news service already offers in-depth materials, which are also optimized for the reader’s pleasure.

We understand business trends in sports the same way we understand that our readers’ time is valuable. Therefore, we leverage technology to communicate the essentials of each big development in sports, allowing our followers to make informed choices.

The website strives to become the world’s largest repository for shifts in the sports industry. We remain committed to preserving our archive of quality articles which will remain valid and be available for reference years from now. We believe that good sports teams are made as a result of perseverance and hard work.

This is why OffshoreSportsbooks.com is a news project site which we have established as a brand that will inform generations to come on the latest business moves in sports. Afraid not to miss out on important information about the sports industry? We will help you always be in the know, whether you need the gist or the full picture.

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Meet the Team

Dan Eisenberg, Co-owner – Email, LinkedIn

Dan has been an avid sports psychologist and meteorologist for the latter portion of his life. He’s a proud advocate of sports in youth clubs and had an incredibly rewarding experience as a consultant for his home state’s Collegiate Athletic Board before starting OffshoreSportsbooks.com with Mike – a place to share his in-depth knowledge and sports expertise to a wider audience.

Heidi Specter, Lead Writer – Email, LinkedIn, Twitter

As an avid follower of sports and the newly recognized industry of esports, Heidi uses her expertise to help the team by managing posts regarding these sectors to ensure only high quality pieces are published. She is also keen on learning more about the gambling industry in general and looks forward to writing for a high profile news outlet to improve her experience.

Ryan Knuppel, Senior Writer – Email, LinkedIn

Ryan has been a writer in the sports betting industry for over 15 years. He has written and published nearly 2,000 articles in this space and follows every move surrounding sports. His favorite sports to bet on and write about are NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball and MLB.

Carrie Thompson, Reporter – Email, LinkedIn

Carrie is our residential reporter always on the move and hunting down the latest scoops and rumours to explore. Nothing gets past her keen nose, especially when it comes to some serious Jelly Bean poker tournaments. You’ll likely see her as our representative at sports events/conferences around the world so don’t be afraid to have a chat!

Mike Johnson, Co-owner/Writer – Email, LinkedIn

Our go-to guy for everything gambling. With experience hopping and headhunted around the gambling circuit, Mike made his mark on the industry at a young age as a consultant to companies that would grow to become regulators. Since 2014, he and Dan had toyed with the idea of a a news site specializing in sportsbooks with a unique twist, aiming to educate the masses on the latest developments in the gambling circuit as well as the offshore opportunities for players worldwide.

Julie Harper, Contributor – Email, Twitter

Julie is our lady in the know. She has an extensive background in sports and loves the journalistic work that goes hand-in-hand with reporting on events. You probably know the news, but Julie helps you understand the story behind events. Her keen insight and easy-going character allow her to build delightful pieces of text in a heartbeat. Julie will often have quite a comprehensive look on things and help you learn new things about your favorite sports as she goes on reporting on the news of the day!

Sienna Walker, Contributor – Twitter

Sienna is an avid traveler who has been on the go since she graduated. An impressionable mind, Sienna has always had a need to put what she saw down in writing. Gradually, her passion for writing has grown into a full-time career and today she helps our team by contributing inspired feature pieces and news that offer a fresh prospect on known issues. Her analyses are a much necessary prerequisite for our service to be up to the required standard and Sienna is an inseparable part of our team.