The NCAA College Basketball tournament is merely 3 weeks away and now is the time when teams start watching where they stand with placement into the NCAA tournament. Many teams have already locked up spot in the tournament and the only thing left to determine is where they will be seeded.

There are many other teams who are unsure if they are in, on the bubble or if they are on the outside looking in. This article we will take a look at some of the teams still trying to secure in NCAA berth for their shot at March Madness!

They’re In……

Houston Cougars 21-5
The Houston cougars are currently on the inside with a 21-5 record. They have gone 2-2 against top 25 teams, with wins over Cincinnati and Wichita State. They have one for games straight and have 4 games remaining in the 2018 regular-season. There is no reason why Houston wouldn’t make the tournament however with 4 games left, anything can happen.

TCU Horned Frogs 18-9
The TCU Horned Frogs are a very interesting team. They started out the year 12-0 but have since gone 6-9 to bring their current record to 18-9. They have 4 games left remaining in the schedule and 3 out of the 4 are very difficult games. They will play Baylor on February 24, Kansas State on the 27th and end the season with the seventh-ranked defense of Texas Tech. Ironically, Kansas State and Texas Tech both defeated TCU in the last 30 days so needless to say it won’t be easy but it’s possible for them to make the NCAA tournament.

They’re On The Bubble…..

Alabama Crimson Tide 17-10
The Alabama Crimson Tide are sitting on the bubble and with just 4 games remaining in their regular season, things could go either way. Alabama has gone 4-2 against top 25 teams and are ranked 31st in the RPI.

USC 19-9
Southern Cal is currently on the bubble, in 3rd place in the PAC-12. They have a 19-9 overall record and have gone 1-2 against top 25 teams. They have one back to back games against Oregon and Oregon State and now have just 3 games remaining in the regular season. If USC wins 2 out of 3 of the remaining games, they should certainly be dancing in 3 weeks but if they lose more than one game during that stretch of 3 games they could find themselves playing in the NIT.

Virginia Tech 19-8

Virginia Tech is another team that is on the bubble and fighting to secure a bid in the NCAA tournament. They are 19-8 on the year and in 6 place in the ACC. They have gone 2-3 against top 25 teams and have in overtime win against the number 1 team in the country, the Virginia Cavaliers.

This team has a very impressive offense and they have a strong RPI ranked 54th in the country. The Hokies have 4 games left this year but all 4 of the games are against some of the ACC’s best teams. They will play Clemson, Louisville, Duke and Miami, all of which are very tough teams. Virginia Tech controls their own destiny, win and their in but doing so against the ACCs best be tough!

Florida Gators 17-10
Some people may have the Florida Gators on the outside looking in but I actually have them on the bubble. The main reason being is they are 3-2 against top 25 teams and are ranked 65th in the RPI. When it comes to strength is scheduled, there ranked 44th in the entire country.

There record may not indicate it but this is a very talented team! They do have some issues and the need to turn things around in a hurry. They have lost their last 2 games against Georgia and Vanderbilt and only have 4 games left in the regular season. Those 4 games consist of Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, and Kentucky. If they can get 2 or 3 wins in those 4 games I believe will put them over the edge and into the NCAA tournament.

Kansas State 19-8
Kansas State is currently sitting on the bubble with a 19-8 record they have gone 8-6 in the big 12, which places them in 4th place in the conference. The major issue with Kansas State is they have had the opportunity but failed to show they could be competitive against the elite teams in the country, going 1-6 against top 25 teams.

Kansas State has 4 games left remaining on the schedule against Texas, Oklahoma, TCU and Baylor. I think they need at least 2 possibly 3 wins to close out the year to make it into the NCAA tournament.

They’re on the Outside Looking In…..

New Mexico State 22-5
Again, many people disagree with me but I think New Mexico State is on the outside looking in. They have a very good record and 22-5 in the lead the WAC with a 9-2 record but the problem is they have yet to face a top 25 team and if you look deeper they faced 3 top 50 teams and went 1-2 in those games. They are coming off of back-to-back losses, with 3 games left in the season.