Lazio and Bayern Munich clash on Wednesday night at Stadio Olimpico in Rome. This is the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League, and both units aren’t coming in in some particularly great shape. Pressure is on both Sarri and Tuchel, with the note that there is much more at stake for the German manager.

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The Eagles beat Cagliari 1-3 on the road, stopping a three-game streak in which they haven’t won. It all started with the loss in the Super Cup finals to Inter, then extended with a goalless draw in the Serie A against Napoli, and concluded in Bergamo, where Atalanta defeated the rivals from the Italian capital, 3-1. 

Surely, Lazio is the underdog in this event, but they won’t come on the field with a white flag. On the other hand, they remember the loss at the same stage of the 2021 UCL edition, 6-2 on aggregate. It was 1-4 for Bayern back then, and that still hurts the Italians. 

Bayern Munich was demolished against Leverkusen on the road this Saturday night, 3-0. It was one of the worst performances for the Bavarians this year, and to be honest, with Tuchel behind the wheel, this happens more frequently than ever before. 

Following the loss at home to Werder, 0-1, we’ve seen the Bundesliga champs beating Union Berlin in another poor performance at Allianz, 1-0, then Augsburg on the road, 2-3, and vs. Monchengladbach at home, 3-1. But in general, Bayern isn’t as it was before. 

Lazio vs. Bayern Munich Champions League Offshore Betting Odds

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Sarri will be defesnive-minded, and so will Tuchel. The latter is forcefully imposing restrictions on Bayern’s players, who are by nature extremely offensive-minded, which takes a toll on the result. This is a game for moderate efficiency, meaning 2 or 3 goals, and that will be our pick.