The 2022-23 NCAA Basketball season kicks off with dozens of games on November 7. With another exciting college basketball season on the horizon, let’s look at some key betting strategies and tips on how to bet on college basketball.

Take Advantage of the Number of Teams

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One of the most notable things about college basketball is the sheer quantity of teams. While major professional sports leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, have 30-32 teams, and college football has roughly 130 teams, college basketball is an anomaly, with over 350 teams in the primary grouping eligible for the NCAA Tournament. There are hundreds of more teams in Division II and III, though betting odds are unlikely to exist for those games.

Smaller Betting Markets

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The quantity of college basketball teams matters quite a bit to bettors. While the average day or week for a professional sport may offer a limited number of good betting opportunities, the college basketball season provides dozens of games each day. Because many games are in smaller markets, Las Vegas knows less about the teams and sets odds that could be more favorable to the bettor. For example, suppose you knew about an intriguing transfer headed to a smaller school such as Austin Peay. In that case, you may take advantage of a bet where they are given 20+ points to cover against a seemingly superior team. Every day, college basketball lines that are skewed much too far in one team’s direction are offered.

Top NCAA Betting Tips

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To take advantage of these bets, we have you covered. To start, we recommend betting on short parlays for college basketball. A 3 or 4-pick parlay, betting on the spread winners for a handful of games you have the inside scoop on, can quickly return 5-10 times the amount you put in. Look for vast point spreads and bet on the underdog, who often winds up losing much less than expected. Here is a mock parlay that offers huge spreads:

Tennessee +32 vs Tennessee Tech

Illinois +28.5 vs Eastern Illinois

Morehead State +21 vs Indiana