NBA Betting Sites

NBA Betting Sites
NBA Betting Sites

The National Basketball Association has been one of the most popular and most bet on sports leagues anywhere on the globe and a good gambler can make a nice profit if they know what to wager on and where to place the bet. The great aspect of sports gambling is that if you’re a knowledgeable fan, you can actually make a few bucks for yourself.

The NBA and the sport of basketball, being one of the most popular leagues and sports in the world, is one of the best to wager on. There’s plenty of action to go around and no one knows this better than the internet and they’ve responded with ample choices in online sportsbooks. However, not all online sportsbooks are on the up and up and finding the best place to play the NBA has become just as important as any wager.

Not to worry, as we’ve done most of your homework for you by making a list, and checking it twice, to be sure you get the best tips when looking for the right online sportsbook. One perfect for all of you NBA action. It’s what you deserve and we’ve got your back. Follow this easy guide and you’ll be laying down on the NBA with ease in no time.

Top 5 NBA Betting Sites



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Variety of Bets

One of the reasons the NBA is so popular to gamble on is the amount of wagers one can play, all in one game. A good online sportsbook takes as many bets and wagers as it can. Moneyline, point spreads, and totals wagers are all industry standard and should always be available.

However, it’s when a site is offering teasers, parlays, futures, and all the props you can think of that you’ve found a online sportsbook worth your action. The more wagers you can find, the better off you are as this ensures that the sportsbook is honoring your bet instead of honoring theirs. Don’t let a sportsbook pick your NBA bets for you. Pick your own. Any site worth your time will have more ways to gamble than you can imagine.

Bonus Programs

Most of your online sportsbooks will have a bonus program and they’re very important to your bottomline so be sure to find the best ones you can. Sure, some programs are better than others but every site has them so it’s important to never settle for the first one that comes along.

The competition between online sportsbooks is fierce as word has gotten out about the popularity of sports and gambling and what happens when you put those two things together. These sportsbooks use their bonus programs to differentiate themselves from each other and the offers are worth your attention. Welcome bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, and reload bonuses are the industry standard so you should be looking for more.

You’ll want to find the online sportsbooks offering you unique and innovative bonuses which will work best for your favorite type of NBA betting. Look for sites with promotions specific to the NBA or one with multiple basketball special deals. Dig deep into their bonus programs to find the best for you and your way of betting.


An unfortunate side effect of good bonus programs are the rollovers that come along with them and finding the best (meaning lowest) will require some mining of the fine print. It does make sense, though, the rollover rates. You just can’t give away free money to gamblers and not ask them to use it in your sportsbook.

Otherwise, they’ll just take the bonus and cash out. So, yes, rollovers have a purpose. That said, some online sportsbook take advantage of the system and make the rollovers so big you’ll basically never be able to cash out. These are obviously the sites to avoid. Here’s how a rollover works, you deposit $250 to an online sportsbook that is offering a 50% Welcome matching bonus with a 5x rollover.

This means that you’ll have $375 to bet with, however, you can’t make a withdrawal until you’ve placed $1,875 [(250+125)x5] in bets. As you can see, the rollovers add up quick. You need to find the lowest rollovers with the highest bonus. No one advertises their rollovers so it’ll take some shopping around to find them. It’s well worth your time, though.

Live Betting

The best feature of any online sportsbook offering NBA action is live betting. The latest and greatest option in online betting in quite some time, live betting allows you to place a bet at any point during a game. Did you miss tip-off? No worries, you can still place a wager.

Did you not get the line you wanted? Don’t worry, it will change once the game begins. Live betting is an important aspect of successful NBA betting and if an online sportsbook does not have it available, they are not worth your time.

NBA Betting Guide

Betting on basketball has changed over the years. If you went back 50 years ago, you would only be able to bet on NBA but the times have changed and now, there is a much wider variety of styles of basketball to bet on. Most all online sportsbooks offer basketball from the United States and many will also have some European league games available to bet.

Four Steps to Start Betting on Basketball

  1. So you have made the first step in wanting to wager on basketball. So what do you do next. Well, the first thing is finding a online sportsbook that will offer the type of wagers you want to place on basketball. Most of your online sportsbooks will allow you to look around on the site, especially at the odds, and you can determine if you like what you see. If you find a online sportsbook that offers what you need and what you want with betting on basketball, then it is time to sign up.
  2. Signing Up at a online sportsbook is fast, simple and somewhat easy. Before you sign up, you will want to make sure you check around with friends and fellow gamblers to find out what sites are the most reliable. As with any business, there are good and there are bad! Make sure you do your background checks to make sure what you are using for a betting service, is legit, reliable and respected in the sports betting industry.
  3. Now that you’ve signed up for an account, the next thing to do is make a deposit. Most all online sportsbooks will take various forms of deposits including major credit cards, bank transfers, wire transfers and now, probably the most popular source, Bitcoin.
  4. You found an online sportsbook, you signed up for a new account and you’ve made your initial deposit…the only thing left to do is place those wagers and win some money!

Top Offshore Basketball Sites

As with any business venture, you are going to want to do your due diligence before selecting your online sportsbook. There are certain things you are going to want to look for to show that the company is a legitimate, and worthy company, that is safe for you to wager with. First and foremost, does the sportsbook have experience and are they reliable. There is nothing worse than winning several thousands of dollars, only to find out you will have a difficult time getting paid.

We’ve done some homework for you and found the top 4 sportsbooks that we recommend for betting basketball. These sites have been recommended from years of experience within the industry and only with companies that we have had true success with.

  • Bookmaker – One of the longest running and most reliable online sportsbooks for betting basketball is Bookmaker. Bookmaker has been around for many years and our staff all agree that they are one of the best! Simply put, Bookmaker makes transactions easy, no matter if you are logging on through your mobile device or from your laptop computer. Their website is very clean, easy to use, and rarely ever has any issues during busy betting times like other sites. Bookmaker is not just great for basketball but overall one of the best sportsbooks for wagering on all sports.
  • MyBookie – Whether you are looking to gamble on NCAA College Basketball or the NBA, MyBookie provides you with a wide variety of options that basketball fans get excited about. With MyBookie, you can wager on sides, parlays, totals, futures and much more! They routinely post future odds faster than any other online website and their content within the website is safe and secure. Another very nice aspect of MyBookie is they do NOT accept bets from professional bettors, sharp side movers or syndicate players, which can and will make the lines move on games you may be trying to play.
  • BetOnline – BetOnline is client based and truly care about making their customer happy. They offer many options for betting basketball and their website is very user friendly, making it nearly seamless to log on, place a wager, and have action on the game! They offer all the major sporting events, including all aspects of basketball, and their odds are extremely competitive so your earnings are larger than at other online sportsbooks.
  • GTBets – One of the most important things with finding an online sportsbook website for betting basketball, is having a variety of action to wager on at a given time. GTBets provides you with a large variety of basketball options, including many games from FIBA Euro Basketball, which many other online sportsbooks do not carry. GTBets are very professional to deal with and reliable with payouts.

Types of Basketball Bets

There are many different types of basketball bets that you can place on a daily basis. Each of these bets are unique on their own and some people like some, better than others. Examples:

  • Spread – A point spread wager is simply you picking a team plus or minus a predetermined number that you believe your team will win by.
  • Totals – Total plays are available in NBA, NCAA and WNBA and are the sum of both teams total points, either over or under a predetermined number.
  • MoneyLine – MoneyLine plays have no predetermined point spread and are based off odds. The underdog will not receive any points, but rather their odds will be greater in value than the favorite in the game.
  • Parlays – Parlays are 2 or more teams played on a single wager with a great amount of return on your investment. Parlays can be played with Point Spreads, Totals and MoneyLines.
  • Teasers – A teaser is similar to a parlay because you play 2 or more teams but the difference is you adjust the point spread, depending upon how many teams you play in your teaser.
  • Pleasers – Pleaser bets are the complete opposite of a teaser. A teaser sort of makes the bet seem easier because you are moving the point spread in your favor. With a pleaser bet, you are moving the point spread in the opposite direction, but with a greater return on your money.

NBA Betting Odds & Lines

Basketball betting odds and lines come out nearly every day. In most cases, the odds and lines will come out the night before the game, once the other games have ended. You can check your odds at your selected sportsbook or on most major sports websites.

Live Betting on Basketball

Betting on basketball is fun…but betting on basketball while the game is in progress is very exciting! Live Betting is a fairly new way of betting on basketball, where you can pick selected lines from the game that has already started. For instance, if your team is down by 10 points headed into halftime and you believe that they will come back in the second half, you can log onto your sportsbook and place a wager for them to come back, less that 10 points they were down by.

Now, that being said, you can also play them with the 10 points at extra odds that can be very beneficial for handicappers that can find value in some teams that are second half teams. Live betting is a great way to hedge your bets when one team is winning significantly and you want to make sure you come out a winner, so you simply place wagers against the other team to sort of counter the first bet.

The two main live betting sites that we recommend you taking a look at are MyBookie and GTBets. Both of these sites offer a great variety of betting options for wagering on basketball.

NBA Betting Strategy

If you want to be sustainable in the gambling industry, especially with betting basketball, you must know the basic strategies that can be influential with selecting your plays each and every night. Basketball is no different that any other sport in the fact that some strategies work and some don’t work! Your goal is to find which one works best for your style of betting and make the most out of it.

  • Check Starting Lineups – One of the big differences in basketball vs. other sports is that coaches like to release starting lineups just before the tip off. This means you must do some due diligence and check around for basketball injuries, players needing a day off, personal issues and other reasons to get a break from the game. Twitter is a great source to determine if a player will be in the lineup on a given night.
  • Check Schedules – Basketball players sometimes get stuck playing several games over short periods of time, which they are not accustomed too. For instance, if you notice a team has played 3 games in 4 nights, chances are they are going to be tired. Avoid those type of plays due to the fact that they have been playing a lot of basketball and will be fatigued.
  • NCAA Home Dogs – One of the best strategies to watch for during the NCAA season is home underdogs. In college basketball, more than most other sports, college fan bases show up by the thousands and chant on their teams to a win! We’ve all seen at some point in our lives a underdog fan base storm the court after their team just upset their opponent. This happens far too often in college basketball because teams play with much more emotion inside their home court. Watch for those underdogs at home!

3 Advanced NBA Betting Tips

We’ve already went over some basics but now we would like to touch in a bit more detail some advanced or out of the box type betting tips to help you prosper in basketball betting. These tips are what has worked for us in the past and are from years of experience.

  1. Avoid Small Dogs, Play Moneyline – Many times, we see people that will come in and take a very small underdog that is getting 1 or 2 points in a basketball game. When this happens, almost always, the odds on the moneyline will be drastically better than the return on your money with the underdog play. The only real benefit is the additional point or two but I can count on one hand how many times, an underdog has beat me by 1-2 points. Take the risk, play the moneyline and get the better odds and more valuable return on investment.
  2. Play Road Favorites After Blowout Loss – One of the most well known strategies that NBA bettors will utilize is betting on NBA teams that are road favorites, after getting blown out. Many times we see this happen where a team gets blown out by 20 points but then go on the road the next game and end up winning. Reason being, they were still a good team, they just had an off day. Trust in the fact that Vegas made them a favorite for some reason and remember, Vegas NEVER losses!
  3. Shop Around For Best Line – You’ve made the first step in starting a online sportsbook but why be limited to just one account? The single most important aspect, especially with basketball wagering, is having a variety of lines to shop when betting hoops. Many times, you will find that Sportsbook A has a team -7 points but Sportsbook B only has the team at -5 points. Those 2 points may not seem like a lot but in gambling, they are huge! Play it smart and shop those lines!

Basketball Betting Picks

Wagering on basketball has quickly become one of the most popular events to wager on, simply because during part of the time the season is being played, there really are no other sports to play. Therefore, many handicappers will focus a significant amount of time trying to earn your business by giving away free plays and service plays for the NBA, WNBA and NCAA Seasons.

As with any service, make sure you are doing your homework and finding out what handicappers are legit and what ones are scamming for an extra buck! Betting on basketball isn’t easy and in most cases, when the handicapper is legit and reliable, they can be worth their weight in gold, but a bad handicapper can put you in the hole quickly so be careful!

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting on basketball has become very popular, especially with the online sportsbooks available to gamblers all over the world. Mobile betting makes it possible to wager from your mobile device on basketball games at anytime, in any location! Back in the day, gamblers who wanted to place a wager had to find the time to get to a computer or call a 1-800 number to place a wager. That is all fine and dandy if you have the privacy to make a call but what happens when you are out at dinner and you have to step away to make that call?

With mobile betting, you simply log onto your account from any mobile device, such as your cellular phone, and place your wager! Mobile betting makes it possible to place your wager in about the same amount of time it takes you to butter your dinner biscuit!

Basketball Leagues to Bet On

There are really 3 major basketball leagues to bet on. The first and most well known is the NBA. The NBA is composed of 30 teams that play in two conferences. The second most well known league is the NCAA Division I College Basketball. There are currently 347 Division I College Basketball teams. The third and the least wagered on basketball league is the WNBA. The WNBA consists of 12 teams spanning across the US.

The Season

The Season for NBA basketball runs from late September until June, including preseason, regular season and the playoffs. The NBA’s regular season will normally run from October until the second week in April. There are a total of 82 games in the regular season. The playoffs will start in mid April and last until the middle of June. There are three rounds of playoffs before reaching the NBA Finals.

The WNBA season is much shorter, with the league only playing 34 games. The season runs from the beginning of April until the middle of October, including preseason, regular season and playoffs. The preseason starts towards the end of April and lasts until the middle of May, when the regular season tips off. The regular season runs from mid May until the beginning of September. The playoffs occur throughout the month of September.

The NCAA Basketball Season runs from the middle of November until the beginning of April. The regular season runs from November through March, with the conference championships taking place in the beginning of March. The March Madness tournament starts in the 2nd week of March and lasts for 3 weeks, with the final game being played in the first week of April.

Biggest Events to Bet On

The biggest Basketball events to bet on are the NBA Finals, the WNBA Finals and the NCAA Basketball National Championship. The NBA Playoffs and Finals are one of the most wagered on sporting events in the US and last several weeks, giving gamblers ample opportunity to make the most of their chances to cash in on the games.

The NCAA Basketball National Championship is heavily wagered on due to co-workers, friends and sports fans playing March Madness bracket tournaments and placing wagers on their teams to have another reason to watch the games. During March Madness, online sportsbooks are extremely busy with taking in wagers and providing various types of bets available for the basketball tournament.