Reddit has existed since the early days of the internet and has various purposes. Most well-known as a forum for discussing all sorts of topics, the Reddit sports betting community has grown significantly in recent years.

While you can find practically anything on Reddit, the best information is often available on official subreddits such as r/sportsbook.

Let’s look at what the Reddit sports gambling community offers and how best to utilize it.

Reddit Sublist

Reddit has a variety of valuable resources for sports fans and sports gamblers. Before taking a look at some of the top sports to gamble on according to Reddit, here is a list of subreddits for sports and gambling:

Football (NFL)

According to Reddit, professional American football is one of the best sports to bet on. The NFL is one of the biggest sports in the world, and the single biggest in America. With the massive popularity of fantasy football, the NFL has become the top league to gamble on.

Reddit has a significant amount of information advising on daily fantasy and NFL gambling. Users often post and share their biggest winners on both parlays and individual bets. 

For an inexperienced gambler, Reddit is a fantastic source of information for sports betting. Remember, Reddit is a forum and advice taken, should be done so with a pinch of salt.

Football (NCAAF)


College football is also a prevalent sport to bet on. While fantasy football focuses on the NFL, there are plenty of different types of betting for college sports.

Reddit is well-known for providing stream links to many college football games, allowing fans from all over the world to view games that may otherwise have been unavailable to them. These can easily be found in the NCAAF betting forum.

Between the stream links and gambling advice, Reddit offers a lot of good information to college football fans.

Basketball (NBA)

Image of NBA basketball

The NBA is another popular sport for gambling in the US. While no sport’s popularity rivals football in America, pro basketball has continued to increase its audience.

Reddit considers NBA basketball to be one of the most reliable sports to bet on. With a more extended season than the NFL and fewer daily upsets than the MLB, the NBA provides plenty of good opportunities for gambling during its multiple-month-long season.

Basketball (NCAAB)

Image of NCAA Basketball

Thanks to the March Madness tournament, NCAA basketball has become wildly popular. While the regular season only garners a modest amount of gambling, the NCAA Tournament is the second-most gambled-on event in America after the Super Bowl.

Reddit provides some great information relating to the NCAA Tournament. Not only are TV channels, game start times, and other pertinent details shared on Reddit, but bracket predictions and gambling advice fill the site during March. A quick search in the NCAAB betting forum will give you plenty of information.

Reddit is a one-stop shop for all vital college basketball information, especially during the tournament.

Baseball (MLB)

MLB image

Baseball may not be as popular as football and basketball, but it is still considered “America’s Pastime” and holds a 162-game season. This provides plenty of gambling opportunities.

Baseball subreddits are proportionally smaller when compared to their football and basketball equivalents, yet they still hold a bevy of the pertinent information on the MLB and betting. 

Reddit considers betting on baseball to be especially tricky, considering how often the underdog wins. That being said, it also offers excellent opportunities to bet on those underdogs and win big.