There is a growing number of ways to make bets online, which has been made possible due to the popularity of mobile betting. The enhanced number of players looking to make wagers has led to a more significant number of betting markets being available. This means the days of betting on Moneyline and spread options could be a thing of the past.

In recent years, one of the most popular types of bets for those looking to bet on all sports has been wire-to-wire betting.

But what is it, and how can you get returns on this market?

What is a Wire-To-Wire Bet?

Wire-to-wire betting differs slightly from other betting markets. Here, the bettor must find a team leading a fixture at the end of every quarter before winning the game in regulation time.

The selection must be in the lead at every break in play to get returns. Therefore, if your selection is ahead after three periods but loses the game, the bet will see the stake lost.

How to Place a Wire-to-Wire Bet

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Placing a bet on this market is straightforward with all leading sportsbooks. Bettors will need to scroll down the selection of available markets before finding the wire-to-wire section. Here, the bettor will select the team they believe will lead from wire to wire.

By clicking the odds, the selection will be added to your bet slip, and you can enter the desired stake for the wager. Once you’re happy with everything in your bet slip, you can then place the bet.

Sports Available for Wire-to-Wire Betting

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Basketball is the most popular sport regarding wire-to-wire betting. However, it’s not the only sports bettors can wager on to find this market. Ice hockey is another sport where wire-to-wire betting is popular, but the selected team must be ahead at the end of each of the three periods for this selection to be a winner.

Soccer is another popular sport in this betting market. It is more commonly called half-time/full-time betting, given that there are just two halves in the match. Bettors can also wager on the wire-to-wire market on horse racing. Here the selected horse should lead from the minute the horses leave the gate until they cross the line.

Tips to Win on Wire-to-Wire Betting

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Wire-to-wire betting on the most popular sports in North America can often be a tough market for bettors. Several comparisons must be researched before placing the bet, with the most essential centering around the quarters where teams generally score the most points.

Teams that start games slowly will be ones to avoid when betting on the wire-to-wire market. This is because they will likely be behind at the end of the first period before finding their feet in the remaining. In general, bettors will look for teams capable of scoring points in each period.