Soccer Betting Sites

To put it simply, soccer is the world’s biggest and most popular sport. This isn’t football or basketball. Soccer and its worldwide popularity is so huge, it basically dwarfs all other sports combined.

There is so much soccer being played, in order to wager on it properly and successfully you must find an online sportsbook that makes soccer betting as simple as possible. There are tournaments, friendlies, and hundreds of leagues all around the world. And it’s all for good reason, too. Soccer is just that popular. This, of course, makes soccer betting very popular, too.

The online sportsbook competition is very tight these days as sports gambling is at an all-time high in popularity and accessibility. Throw in soccer’s global influence and you have many a online sportsbook offer many a soccer wager. But where do you place your soccer wager? What makes one site better than another? Especially for soccer?

Well, not to worry as we’ve comprised a list of all the features you need to look for in an online sportsbook that will give you the best soccer action you can find. We are here to help and these features will help you lay the best soccer bet you can. Every day, all year long.


1.  Bovada

$250 Bonus
2.  Bookmaker

$2500 Bonus
3.  MyBookie

$1000 Bonus
4.  BetOnline

$2500 Bonus
5.  Intertops

$200 Bonus

Special Offers

Every online sportsbook will throw special offers at you from the moment you stumble upon their page. However, buyer beware as some of these offers, bonuses, contests, or promotions are not as good as they seem. Some places stick you with large rollovers, others have hold dates, and some get you to spend more than you want.

One thing the special offers do well is make it easy to shop around. You know what you want to spent, what you like to wager and how you like to wager. Find an online sportsbook that has bonuses, contests, and/or promotions for the amounts you like with a focus on the sport you like. Don’t just dive into the first bonus you see. Check out as many as online sportsbooks as you can. Once you discover all of your options, you’ll be glad you did.

So Much Soccer

As mentioned and as you probably know, soccer is incredibly big. It’s really hard to wrap your head around just how many leagues, tournaments, national teams, challenges, and games there are. Everyone has their favorite league, teams, and players so you need to find the online sportsbook that gives you plenty of access to all of those leagues, teams, and players.

You’ll notice some sportsbooks do better than others. The key is to find an online sportsbook with a wide variety of international games, leagues, and tournaments. Soccer is the biggest international game going so you don’t want to be stuck on a site where only the North American sports like basketball and football are featured. Wherever Euros are wagered, soccer is wagered.

Special Events

Another way to tell your online sportsbook takes your soccer betting seriously is to note if they promote any of soccer’s big tournaments. The World Cup, the Champions League, the European Tournament, etc., are all big contests and the online sportsbook you choose should not only know this, they should promote it with bonuses, contests, drawings, and tournaments of their own.

As a soccer gambler, you want to be a part of the best action. It is important to your odds and you payouts. Being on a site with lots of soccer promotions is key.

Online Security

There are literally hundreds of online sportsbooks these days offering up soccer bets and wagers. But not all of them are on the up and up. Some are just scams and money traps, while others don’t payout winnings or freeze accounts.

It’s important to not get stuck on one of these sites and waste your valuable time or you precious cash. Do your homework. A little snooping around will show you which sites are to be trusted and which are not.

Fast and Free Payouts

Pay outs can be a tricky business in the online gambling world. All of these sportsbooks, casinos, poker rooms, etc., are all off-shore, international businesses where transferring money can become dicey. There are hoops to jump through and back channels to navigate no matter which site you use.

That said, some are much better than others and the two features you should be looking for are fast payouts and free payouts. Some sites will hit you with fees as you are trying to cashout. Others will put holds on cashouts for days or even weeks.

Hit the fine print hard because what’s the point of winning if you’re just giving it back in an attempt to claim what’s yours. Fast is several days and free is free. Don’t settle for anything less because there are always more online sportsbooks in the sea.