The growing popularity of sports betting means extra room for freedom when making wagers. This enables bettors to find the best market that suits their opinions.

Alternative spread betting is one of the best markets in which bettors can find extra value. However, what is this type of market, and how is it different from the standard spread betting selection?

What is Spread Betting?

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Before going into detail about the alternate spread betting markets, it’s first essential to understand what spread betting is. Here, the favored selection in the betting will start with a disadvantage in terms of points or goals, depending on the sport.

For example, a favored team may start with a -4 spread. Here, the selection must win by at least five points for the bet to be a winner. Bettors can also wager on the outsider in this market, as they will start with a +4 advantage. Therefore, the underdog can’t lose by more than four points for the bet to be a winner.

What is Alternate Spread betting?

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Alternate spread betting is very similar to spread betting. The difference is the total points advantage, or disadvantages the teams will start with. Alternative spreads often offer better value to bettors since the favored selection begins with a more significantly disadvantaged.

In this market, you could see the favored team start with a disadvantage of -6.5. The goal of the market to gain returns is identical to spread betting, as your selection will need to win by at least seven points. There is also the opportunity to bet on alternate spreads with a smaller benchmark, but that may not be as valuable when wagering on the favored team.

Alternate Total Points Betting

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As well as being able to wager on the alternate spread markets, bettors can also wager on the alternate totals. Here, the total number of points will differ from the benchmark when betting on the total points market.

For example, the standard totals market could be set at 200, but the alternative total points market may have a benchmark of 220. This enables bettors to get extra value, as they can bet on there being more than 220 points in total in the match.

Alternate Spreads Betting Tips

Alternate spreads betting is an exciting option for those looking for extra value when wagering on the matches and games in the NFL, NBA, and NHL. However, the biggest challenge for bettors is finding the best games to bet on in this market.

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Gamblers must find match-ups where the favored team is far superior to the underdog. These would be the best alternate spread angles, given that this market would offer more value than the standard spread market. But bettors should examine the latest form, team news, and head-to-head records before making a wager. Extra attention should also be given to the possible fatigue of teams playing on back-to-back nights.