It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan, evident by the vast selection of ways fans can get closer to the action. This is made clear by the available sports betting markets, and Fantasy Sports are also hugely popular.

Both sectors have thrived in recent years. With over 100 million people involved in sports betting and 50 million in daily fantasy sports. But what are the differences between a fantasy bet and sports bet? Should fans play one over the other?

What Is Sports Betting?

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The sports betting sector has been one of the fastest-growing areas in recent years. Nowadays, fans can get in on the action across 20 US states where betting is legal, allowing bettors to place stakes in various markets. That includes being able to wager on the standard Moneyline, point spread, and totals markets.

However, the evolution of online gambling has seen more markets available to bettors, as they can now make pro and teaser selections. The latter enables bettors to alter the spread to their only preference. Furthermore, bettors can also wager on the futures markets, allowing the bets to be made on the outright winners of competitions such as the Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, and NBA Finals.

However, the most exciting development in recent years enables bettors to make live betting selections. Here, bets can be placed on the action after it has gotten underway. This allows the bettors to find their value angles depending on how the game plays out.

What Is Fantasy Sports Betting?

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Fantasy Sports is nothing new to NFL, NHL, and NBA fans, as the sector has continued to grow over the past few years, with a growing number of selections available. Most fans of the sport will create a Fantasy Team within their group of friends, but Daily Fantasy Sports have been the significant mover within the industry in recent years.

Here, several games are available, including the ever-popular GPP, which guarantees a prize pool of top prizes for players involved. Players can also get involved in head-to-head challenges, with the player that reigns supreme picking up the returns. There are also DoubleUps and 50/50 competitions available.

Players can also get involved in single-game DFS match-ups, meaning players that score the most points will get the winnings. Other games that are available to play include Tiers and Beat The Score. All of the mentioned games will be available with sites that offer DFS.

Sports Betting VS DFS

Both sports betting and DFS share several pros and cons, and the preferred selection will often depend on the player. For example, DFS offers small buy-ins, but there could be potentially big payouts. Furthermore, there isn’t any worry about the changing odds you could expect in sports betting. However, there is a competitive landscape in DFS, which makes it far from easy to get returns.

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Meanwhile, with sports betting, you will only be playing against the sportsbook, which guarantees returns if your selection is correct. Furthermore, there is a growing selection of markets available to make wagers on, which means players can often find their only avenue for value. However, playing against the odds could mean struggling to generate profits.

Regardless, both sectors look set to continue to grow in popularity, and many sports experts are exploring both avenues when wagering on the most popular sports in North America.