The NBA team stated today that they would like to see this year’s draft prolonged for some time, because of the circumstances caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

NBA Draft Not Sooner Than Early August

The teams are facing multiple difficulties right now. Not only they don’t know the final standings for the upcoming draft, but also, they have a tough time while gathering information about their potential choices.

There are no games, which is by far the most important thing. The finish of the NCAA season and the March Madness is the time when future superstars separate from the ordinary prospects. We witnessed, on numerous occasions, that the players who didn’t have some special figures during the regular part of the season, explodes in the final few matches and ends up with a great career in the NBA afterward.

It is why teams suggested the league to change the date of the draft, but not sooner than August 1. It was originally planned to take place on June 25.

According to the sources from within organizations, this would give them more time to collect all the needed intel, and to go through the normal pre-draft process. That would include workouts, talks, medical tests, and also creating a strategy for the draft, which would involve possible trades or something like that,

At the moment, the league allowed virtual interviews between the teams and the players, with the note that each one can’t be longer than four hours. All other contacts between the two sides are forbidden, and also, there would be no in-person workouts or meetings of any kind. The league allowed scouting players’ games and workouts, but the ones which took place before the suspension of activities.

Who Will be the No.1 Pick

Even though we don’t know the exact order of the teams at the draft, the speculations about the No.1 pick already started. Two names stand above all others – Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman. The placement of these two guys won’t be determined by their qualities, but by the needs of a particular team. If Golden State Warriors chose first, Edwards would go as No.1.

Georgia’s teenage guard perfectly fits their style of play, and according to multiple sources, Steve Kerr and the staff won’t have any thoughts before saying his name.

On the other side, if Cleveland Cavaliers have the opening word, James Wiseman is almost certain to be the first choice. The big fella from Memphis is exactly what the crew from Ohio needs. An athletic center capable of following Cavs’ fast-paced philosophy of play and their two youngsters, Sexton and Garland.

Some analysts are suggesting that Obi Toppin might be a sensation and end up as the first pick, but that is pretty hard to believe. Although he had a superb season with his Dayton Flyers and eventually took all the important awards, the strong forward isn’t favored by both the media and the scouts because he allegedly has a lower ceiling than the two above-mentioned guys.