Anthony Edwards declared himself ready for the NBA career. The teenager revealed this news earlier today.

Edwards Jumping to Pro

After just one season in college, Edwards is on his way towards the best basketball leagues in the world. Even though he didn’t finish the full season and there might be some doubt in his abilities, Edwards shared the news publicly on Twitter account earlier today.

“Georgia will always be my home but I am ready to take my game to the next level and have decided to declare for the 2020 NBA Draft,” Edwards wrote in his post.

In 32 NCAA games played for the Bulldogs, he impressed everyone, and indicated that he might be one of the top talents in the competition. With 19.1 points, 5.2 boards, and 1.3 steals, and several magnificent performances, Edwards turned the attention of the media towards him.

He was the best SEC freshman, also earning second-team All-SEC honors. After seeing him play, the experts agreed that he might easily be the No.1 pick in the upcoming draft. With 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds, Edwards is running up and down the court smoothly, attacking the rim in transition and handling the ball like three, four inches shorter players.

He is also a very confident person, on and off the court, and his statement from last Friday proves that. Edwards said that he feels like he should be the top pick in the upcoming draft, and such a scenario is the only one rightful. On the same day, he signed a deal with the agency, which represents Giannis and Steph Curry, Octagon Basketball, meaning that they too recognized the potential of this kid.

Edwards’ game didn’t just rely upon the offense, although he had some unreal performances, which included 30+point nights. His defense is also at the top level, mostly due to fantastic physicalities and his awareness of the same. The one thing which separates Edwards from other guys is his body, as he already looks pretty strong to compete in the NBA.

Wiseman a Potential Rival for the No.1 Pick

Even though the season isn’t over yet and that the draft lottery is yet to take place, many were exploring the future options for this guy.

According to the majority of the experts, if by any chance Golden State reaches the first pick, Steve Kerr would immediately pick Edwards and try to form a trio with Curry and Klay, the same as with Durant.

Meanwhile, others believe that if the Cavaliers have the right to pick first, they might pass on Edwards and go for James Wiseman, Memphis’ 7-footer whose potential is enormous. The lack of good big players over the recent years raised the value of the same, and with Wiseman, who has a high ceiling, the Cavs would have one of the youngest and most athletic cores in the NBA, including Garland and Sexton.

Minnesota, meanwhile, would like to snatch the Bulldogs’ leader and to pair him up with Russell and KAT. These three teams had the highest chances for the top pick in the upcoming draft at the moment of the NBA shutdown. We now wait and see what happens next regarding the entire season and its finish.