In the NFL injuries are a part of everyday life but it feels like this year in particular has seen a number a star players go down hurt.

NFL Injuries the Story of the Season

The old saying when it comes to NFL injuries is: everyone has them. In one way or another, part of being a professional football player is learning to play through injuries. That being said, it’s hard not to notice how key injuries are affecting teams all over the league.

Two of the best quarterbacks in the game have missed time which nobody wants to see. Those types of injuries can severely alter the playoff picture for the entire league. Fortunately for the Saints and the Chiefs, they have been able to manage without their star players. The Saints in particular have proven that they are serious title contenders when Drew Brees gets back to his best.

Another Quarterback Goes Down

The Indianapolis Colts lost their franchise quarterback to injury before the season even started. When Andrew Luck retired, the Colts season seemed to be thrown into disarray. In steps Jacoby Brissett to silence all of the doubters. He has proven this season that he isn’t just a capable backup, he is a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Brissett seems to have injured his knee but did leave the field on his own. He had a noticeable limp when he exited but the fact that he was able to get up after several minutes on the ground is encouraging. The team is calling is a sprain for now but more testing will have to be done. The Colts have had a great season with Brissett at the helm and would be a shame for his season to be put in jeopardy after what this franchise has already gone through with Luck.

Steeler Rumored to be Interested in Le’Veon Bell

That’s not a misprint, this actually happened. After refusing to pay him what he believed he was worth, forcing him to sit out all of last season, the Steelers inquired about the possibility of bringing Le’Veon Bell back. That’s how bad the NFL injuries have been this season.

Last week, the Steelers starting running back James Conner injured his shoulder. The team feared that the injury was serious, which is why they thought about bringing Bell back. This story seems so crazy that the fact that those in Pittsburgh are acting like it’s not a big deal is straight up weird at this point. In the end, the Steelers realized that Connor was not as hurt as previously believed. To be fair to the Steelers, apparently Bell is not the only running back that they inquired about.

Not All Bad News On the Injury Front

It hasn’t been all bad News on the NFL injuries front. Drew Brees returned against Arizona and looked very impressive. He was able to lead his team to victory and hardly looked like he missed any time with the way he picked up blitzes in that game.

As for Patrick Mahomes, we aren’t sure when he’ll be back but he has been in practice for the last few weeks. HIs return seems eminent which is great for football fans around the league.