Antonio Brown has said he’s done playing in the NFL after being cut by the Raiders and Patriots and he wants his money.

Raiders and Patriots Had to Choice

After being cut by both the Raiders and the Patriots in the past month, it was thought that Antonio Brown had lost out on $40 million in guaranteed money. Apparently Antonio Brown strongly disagrees with that sentiment and as usual, took to social media to let his feelings be known.

He insinuated that the NFLPA would have to get involved in the matter which is a given anyway. The Raiders voided his guaranteed money for conduct detrimental to the team and the Patriots are using a similar clause according to reports. While Brown did not act up as a Patriot, his off the field issues are why the team decided to part ways with the All Pro.

Brown Did This to Himself

In both instances, with Raiders and the Patriots, Antonio Brown set himself up to fail. The amount of incidents he had in his short time with Oakland is staggering. Getting into an altercation with your GM has to rank high on the conduct detrimental to the team scale.

As for his time with the Patriots, while he was on his best behavior while in uniform, his past came back to haunt him. The Patriots appeared to be standing by Brown through the sexual assault allegations even as a second woman came forward. Once he sent group texts that included her referencing the situation, her legal representatives said she viewed his behavior as threatening. It was at that point that the Patriots decided to cut him. It’s hard to say how this would go should the league make a ruling but it doesn’t look good for Brown. He failed to see that Bill Belichik’s way of handling the media works for a reason. It may come off as obnoxious, but you’re never going to know more than you need to. If Brown would have stayed off his phone and left the second accuser alone, he would still be a Patriot.

Brown Says He’s Done but Who Believes That?

Antonio Brown says a lot of things. Less than two months ago he said he would retire from football if he couldn’t wear his old helmet. His life in the NFL has gotten so out of control that this is actually the second time in a few weeks where he has talked about never playing again. We’re talking about one of the greatest wide receivers of all time and he’s about to let his career slip away because he can’t shut up.

The Antonio Brown saga that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight is one of the strangest in the history of the NFL. He is perfectly healthy physically but because of his antics, he will probably not play football this season. While it was surprising that both the Raiders and the Patriots cut ties with him so quickly, his behavior left them no choice. According to him he may not ever play football again. The truth is the decision may not even be up to him at this point. After what the Raiders and the Patriots just went through, what team wants this headache right now? Even though he’s one of the best players in the NFL, he’s gotten to the point that the bad outweighs the good.