BTTS (or BTS) stands for both teams to score in sports betting. This is one of the betting markets you’ll commonly find in online sportsbooks that go heavy on soccer. It’s because this is the sport where both teams score roughly 50% of the time. That scenario plays out way more often in other sports (e.g., ice hockey), so there’s not much jeopardy.

One of the top reasons why many online sportsbooks cover this betting market is that it’s very popular among bettors. This goes both for newcomers to the world of sports betting and experienced punters. Betting newbies love BTTS because it’s straightforward. You only have two bets to choose from – Yes or No.

If “BTTS – Yes” is your pick, this means that for your bet to win, both teams must get on the scoresheet at least once in the 90 minutes plus stoppage time. This includes goals from play, set-pieces, penalties, and even own goals scored by the opposition players. If you go with “BTTS – NO” for your bet, you must see one or both teams keep a clean sheet.    

It’s almost a coin toss this bet, with each scenario happening about 50% of the time. Of course, it all depends on the competition, as well as on the teams involved. Still, generally speaking, you have every right to hope for the BTTS odds to be somewhere in the ballpark of -110.

Tips for BTTS Soccer Betting

Some soccer leagues/cups see more goals than others. For instance, in the past six seasons of the German Bundesliga, the percentage of BTTS – Yes was over 50%.

Tips for BTTS soccer betting image

Plus, some German teams have been great for soccer BTTS betting. One is Borussia Dortmund, which saw BTTS happen in 26 of its 34 Bundesliga games in the 2021-22 season. It’s a similar case with some MLS teams. For instance, the Portland Timbers had BTTS happen in 76% of their games last year, Atlanta United had 71%, and FC Cincinnati had 69%.

The Italian Serie A is also excellent for this betting market, as well as Spanish La Liga and English Premier League. But there are some leagues where both teams don’t score in too many games.

The best example is the Greece Super League, a competition where BTTS usually happens in only one-third of the games. Last season, a team called Aris Thessaloniki had only ten games, with both teams scoring during a 36-game-long season.

Half-Time BTTS Betting

Both Teams to Score is a bet where the entire game is considered. However, some variations of this market involved betting on BTTS in the first or second half.

These bets are prevalent among experienced bettors looking for good value. The odds almost always come as plus money, often between +300 and +500. They’re usually longer for the 1st half, as most goals happen in the second 45.

Then, there’s also the “BTTS in both halves” bet. For this bet to win, both teams must score at least one goal in each half. This happens very rarely, which is why the odds commonly come in the form of a four-digit number.

In the 2022 World Cup, for example, BTTS in both halves happened only in one game – Cameron vs. Serbia.

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