The MLB season is a busy time for sports bettors, with a 162-game season and several games being played every day from April until October. So, the question arises, what does total bases mean in baseball betting?

What Are Total Bases in Baseball?

It’s simple: Total bases are the number of bases a player gets during a game. However, one thing to remember is that a walk or hit by a pitch will not reflect the number of bases for that player. Here’s the breakdown: 

  • Single: 1 base 
  • Double: 2 bases 
  • Triple: 3 bases 
  • Home run: 4 bases 

Total bases in baseball betting are ONLY when that player gets a hit. This means a stolen base would also not reflect the player’s total bases for that game. Here are some other instances when a player would not be credited for a total base: 

What are total bases in baseball image
  • Walks (including intentional walks)
  • Reaching/advancing on errors
  • Advancing on the throw
  • Reaching on a dropped third strike

For example, If payer A had two singles and a home run in the same game. He finishes the game with six total bases. 

If player B has a triple, a single, and a walk, then that player finishes the game with four total bases (the walk does not count toward his total). 

One more tricky example: If Player C finished the game with two home runs, a single, two walks, and a stolen base. He still finished the game with nine total bases. The stolen base and walks do NOT count toward his total. 

Total Bases Prop Bet Example

The total base prop is very common in baseball betting, so here’s an example of one set of odds: 

Padres Player A Total Bases: 2+ (-100) 3+ (+150) 4+ (+350) 

You just pick two or more, three or more, or four or more. However, remember that while the 4+ prop seems like a lot, if a player hits a home run, that’s four bases in one swing. 

Total Bases Bet Tips

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As mentioned, total bases are a popular prop in baseball betting. However, it can be tricky to gauge. For example, let’s say the Angels are facing the Yankees. If you want to bet on Mike Trout’s total base prop, the best thing is to research how well he hits against the opposing starting pitcher. 

Also, be aware of the recent hitting of the player. If Mike Trout is 0-for-26, his chances of getting a hit in this game might not be very high. Nonetheless, total bases are all about researching players’ performances.