The start of another NBA season is finally here, meaning bettors will be looking for the best NBA betting systems to maximize their returns of bets throughout the season. Betting on basketball is very popular throughout the season. However, the action heats up when the NBA playoffs get underway after the regular season.

Testing out strategies and finding the perfect tactic for each better is incredibly important throughout the regular season. But which basketball betting strategy should be used by bettors for the season ahead?

Follow The Team’s Schedule

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Tracking each team’s schedule is one of the most crucial strategies all basketball bettors follow throughout the season. Fatigue is a big issue that all bettors should examine before making a wager, as games occur virtually every night.

While this isn’t an issue when making wagers on sports such as American Football or soccer, teams with less recovery time in between games could play at a disadvantage. So be sure to examine their schedule before making your wager, as it could directly impact their performance levels.

Road Favorites

A popular basketball betting strategy is taking a team on the road that has been beaten heavily in their previous fixture. As mentioned above, a big defeat could have been a direct impact of scheduling, which means if a team is a heavy favorite after a significant loss, it could be worth trusting the odds.

The oddsmakers wouldn’t have the team at such short odds after such a significant loss if there weren’t a reason to merit support, such as having a better head-to-head record or players returning from layoffs. Furthermore, teams beaten heavily are likely to produce a better display in the next game.

Home Underdogs

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Another interesting strategy is to study the odds of long shots in home fixtures. Playing at home comes with its own pressure. The home side won’t want to disappoint fans that paid to support them and cheer toward a win.

When seeing a home underdog, a good strategy is to take them on the spread. It will be unlikely that they will lose by more than ten points. While this relies on the home side to perform for their home fans, it has been a proven tactic to gain returns throughout the history of the NBA.

Study The Markets

Studying the betting markets could be the most sensible strategy. You can immediately react to the selections that are proving popular with expert bettors. This requires tracking the most important markets throughout the day. If a selection begins to shorten, you make your bet.

This is a proven successful technique for betting on all sports. The market moving will indicate that significant amounts of money have been placed on selections. Experts making their picks is always something to keep an eye on. This will give even the most novice bettors the best chance of landing returns.