The Best Football Betting Strategy (2023)

Want to know what the best NFL betting strategy to make a profit is?

Many who bet on the NFL or CFP might be wondering this. Sadly, there aren’t any that guarantee return and profit. But the good news is, that some NFL betting strategies can increase the probability of winning.

In this football betting strategy guide, we will walk you through the best strategy to win football bets and how to bet in certain situations. So, stay tuned to find out how these strategies and tips could increase your chances of a win on future bets. 

Asian Handicap Football Betting Strategy

Asian Handicap Football Betting Strategy

Asian handicap betting is invented to create equal chances for both sides when betting. For example, the Seahawks are the favorites over the LA Rams, but to make the odds even, the sportsbooks place a spread of a certain number of points on the Seahawks, and they need to cover that to have the winning bet. If the spread is -5.5 points, the Seahawks need to beat the Rams by six or more points.

One of the biggest things with Asian handicap betting is to wait for the last moment before the game starts to see if there are any changes or news you could use in your favor. Often the favorite wins, but without covering the spread when some of its players are absent or gone, and the sportsbooks usually don’t react immediately to change the spread.

Parlay Betting Strategy

Parlay Betting Strategy

A Parlay bet is where the bettor puts several events on the slip—which in turn, all need to be correct—in order to win. With this type of bet, more games are involved, and there is no margin for error, but the profits are much higher.

When doing parlay betting, be sure to see which brands have the best odds for the games you want to put on your slip, because even the slightest discrepancies can make significant differences in the end. The perfect football parlay betting strategy is not all about knowledge of the sport – we would always advise our readers to shop around for sportsbooks to compare their odds and bonuses, as some will provide benefits for a certain number of pairs on the betting slip.

Also, ensure you’re on top of any news surrounding those subjects, such as referees talking about wanting to book more players or coaches and their thoughts on the game, which may impact a player’s decision-making on the field.

All these small actions can add up quickly and contribute to increasing your winnings.

Live Betting Strategy

Live Betting Strategy

Live, or as it is sometimes referred to, “in-play betting,” is a type of betting that occurs while an event is happening live. For many bettors, this is their preferred way to bet and to be honest, it does open a lot of possibilities.

The bread and butter of any in-play betting strategy is that a bettor needs to watch the game and the flow of the game. After that, a bettor must listen to their gut, nothing else, just listen to their gut.

The final piece of advice is to react fast. When a bettor sees something, they shouldn’t hesitate, but react fast, otherwise, they could lose potential winnings. Out of courage comes profit.

Moneyline Betting Strategy

Moneyline Betting Strategy

Moneyline betting is the most common betting of all. Each team is shown with the odds of their win, and you pick whoever you like. The bigger the favorite side is, the lower the profits on its victory are, which is logical. To clarify the odds here, once you see -250 next to a team, it means that you have to stake 250 units to win 100. If it is +250, you win 250 units for a 100 stake. 

The strategy here is to be calm and not greedy. Go with the shorter odds, and don’t rush into anything. Take your time, consider odds across several sportsbooks, and beat the bookmakers in the long run. 

NFL Teaser Strategy

Teaser strategy includes modified Asian handicapping. For example, the spread on the Broncos against the Raiders is +6; Broncos are the underdogs. The teaser strategy allows you to change the spread, but in accordance with the same, your odds would go up or down. If you take the Raiders +10, their chances of defending the spread are better, but the odds will be lower.

The strategy here is pretty easy, bet on the favorites and take down their spreads to the minimum, even if that lowers your odds. After a while, you will most definitely be in a position to earn solid money. 

College Football Betting Strategy

NCAA Football is one of the most popular leagues for betting. It arouses all the bettors to test their knowledge and luck with an abundance of weekly games. – It’s no wonder it’s so popular.

College Football Betting Strategy

The thing with college football is that you must follow the AP rankings and the form of all the top teams. You have to concentrate on one division or a few top units and have a full view of their form, stats, and news. Only then do you have the resources to make the right decisions.

College Football Betting Strategy: Tips and Tricks

Regarding tips for CFP betting, we have a few that might be useful to you...

The first is to follow the form of each team. You can easily see when things in one unit go from better to worse or vice versa, and you can use that to your advantage. The form and the recent performances are the crucial factors in making the right pick. 

Be informed about anything necessary for one team, whether on or off the field. As is the case with all college football betting strategies – news like injuries or suspensions is a must in your everyday analysis, and you must be very thorough.

Some teams are excellent at home, the others on the road. You need to check the venue of a game due to that, and for other reasons, like weather or some specific climate conditions. As some may already know, Mile High in Denver is hell for the guests due to its altitude.

The last and most important tip is to check the weather on game day. Rain, snow, or wind can have a massive impact on the field. -For instance, having fewer points with poor weather is logical

Hopefully, by following a few of these tips, your next bet will be a winner!