Uriah Hall and Sean Strickland are the main protagonists of the upcoming UFC Fight Night next Saturday. A win in this match opens a lot of possibilities. The one who comes out victorious from the octagon at the UFC Apex facility will most definitely get a big fight in the upcoming months; some suggest that it could even be a title shot. For a long time, both Hall and Strickland have been gatekeepers in the middleweight division. This fight is a chance for them to get rid of that status.

Hall vs Strickland Schedule

  • Where: UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • When: Saturday, July 31, 10 pm ET
  • How to Watch: ESPN

Hall vs Strickland Odds

Hall Strickland

Hall’s Last Chance To Become an Elite

At 37-years of age, Uriah Hall doesn’t have too much time to reach the belt. He wasted the best years of his MMA career, without any notable success, being one of the biggest disappointments in the history of the UFC. Just to remind you that once he entered the organization, the experts believed that Hall has the capability to become a champion and keep the belt for a long time.

Instead, he would wander around the middleweight division, being very inconsistent, losing against all the notable names. Robert Whittaker, Derek Brusons, Gegard Mousasi, Paulo Costa, all these guys defeated the Prime Time more or less without any problems. However, in the past three years, Hall won four consecutive matches. His streak started against Bevon Lewis, Antonio Carlos Junior, Anderson Silva, and the latest victory was against Chris Weidman. 

Hall is a guy whose striking output is extremely high, combining both legs and hands while inflicting blows. However, he is way too reckless and often leaves himself exposed, which is why he has five KO losses. 

Strickland’s Odd Story

This guy has 29 years but is filled with life experience. Starting with his colorful and not-so-happy childhood and ending with a fantastic comeback to the UFC after a hard motorcycle accident he suffered in 2018 and a two-year absence from the octagon. 

Motivated and hungry, Strickland has won three matches since last October, beating Jack Marshman, Brendan Allen, and Krzystof Jotko in his last contest. It was a unanimous decision triumph that happened on May 1. 

Strickland is a better wrestler than Hall, but on the other hand, even though he is a solid striker, we can’t say that he can match Hall’s volume of strikes. However, Strickland has a superb chin and can endure all sorts of attacks. 

Hall vs Strickland Prediction and Pick

We are going with Strickland here because of his endurance which is, in our opinion, far better than Hall’s. The Prime Time is a spectacular fighter, appealing and exciting for watching, but overall, he is just a gatekeeper, nothing more. This might be cruel to say, but it is realistic. On the other side, we have Strickland, who never lacked motivation and grind. Knowing Tarzan’s mentality, we are more than sure in his victory. 

Don’t be too greedy to combine it with a method of finish or round betting, but just go with a plain victory.