Daniel Snyder, the current owner of the Washington Redskins, has been criticized for his poor leadership of the team. For the past two decades, fans have been patient, but as the Redskins situation hasn’t improved, so have tempers frayed.

‘Sell the team,’ is the most common chant you can hear at a Redskins game. The team, abandoned by its fans, playing in empty stadiums, is very likely to finish 1-15 this season, and this is no good.

The New York Jets completely overwhelmed the Redskins on Sunday, crushing their opponents 34-17 in the final score. Interim coach Bill Callahan appeared subdued in his post-game interview, but he didn’t abandon the team either.

We Did the Best We Could

‘We did the best we could’ he said. They indeed did, and after almost ending up 20-3, the Redskins managed to start climbing back, although the point-difference didn’t really shorten by much.

Morale was low, anybody looking could tell. In terms of pure yardage, the Jets led 262-60. One of the biggest issues for the Redskins this season has definitely been their defense. Starting with 1-9 opening in the season has definitely not helped.

As losses kept piling on, fans kept leaving the stadiums – a major issue for any team that is even trying to stay afloat. As the Washington Post put it, the Redskins have lost Washington.

Will Selling Off the Team Help?

It just might. Snyder has been mostly scornful of suggestion that he should let the team go. But perhaps even more importantly – the team needs better players, or the discipline to let players shine.

There have been so many issues. For example – the team’s quarterbacks haven’t done great on the team. Case Keenum, Dwayne Haskins, Colt McCoy, have all been just blips on the fans’ radars, but even more surprisingly – the Redskins got Keenum back in the end.

No surprises there, as Keenum has been recovering from an injury.

Meanwhile, second half failures have continued to plague the team against virtually ever team they have faced – the Cowboys, Patriots, and Giants have all rolled over the team without much effort. So did the Vikings.

But while it’s easy to blame the players, the staff, in the face of Jay Gruden (the now fired coach) has been blamed for not adjusting their game during the breaks leaving the team exposed to the opponent’s blitzkrieg.

So, what can be done?

In honesty, the season is nearly over and the Redskins cannot recuperate after a series of fails. They need a proper rest. But more importantly, they need someone who will live up to the expectations of fans.

Leadership is sorely needed in the Redskins’ corner.