The Milwaukee Bucks are on fire, and want to post another win; this time, their rivals are the Toronto Raptors. 

Before betting on Raptors vs. Bucks

The Raptors are still fighting for the playoffs, and every win is worth gold for Nick Nurse’s unit. For the moment they are ninth in the East, in the playoff zone, and have three straight victories before this event.

Following a tough and very challenging tour through the West, where they lost three in a row, the Raptors were back home. It suited them perfectly, defeating the Nuggets, Thunder and Timberwolves last night, 122-107.

Milwaukee has been on the rampage for a long time, and the way the former champions played, for the moment, their form is the best in the league. Even the latest shocking loss against the Indiana Pacers at Fiserv, 139-123, can’t dispute that, nor offer some other point of view on this case. 

Giannis had 25 buckets, Bobby Portis and Middleton 16 each, while Jrue Holiday scored 19 buckets, with 11 assists and seven boards. The Bucks scored 11 threes, twice as fewer as their rivals. 

Raptors vs. Bucks NBA Offshore Odds

Offshore SportsbookMoneylineTotalSpread
BetOnlineRaptors (4.50) | Bucks (1.23)233.5Raptors +9.5 (1.91) | Bucks -9.5 (1.91)
BovadaRaptors (4.40) | Bucks (1.22)233.5Raptors +9 (1.91) | Bucks -9 (1.91)
BetUSRaptors (4.50) | Bucks (1.23)233.5Raptors +9.5 (1.91) | Bucks -9.5 (1.91)
SportsBetting.agRaptors (4.50) | Bucks (1.23)233.5Raptors +9 (1.91) | Bucks -9 (1.91)
PinnacleRaptors (4.45) | Bucks (1.23)233.5Raptors +9.5 (1.91) | Bucks -9.5 (1.91)
MyBookieRaptors (4.50) | Bucks (1.22)233.5Raptors +9.5 (1.91) | Bucks -9.5 (1.91)

Even though the Raptors look good, they aren’t as confident on the road as in Toronto. Now, the Bucks are in great shape, and after suffering one of the rare losses at Fiserv, they are determined to bounce back in style. That’s why the hosts’ win here is inevitable.