All the Dolphins have heard all week is how they’re about to get absolutely destroyed on Saturday night in Kansas City. Miami is banged up, Arrowhead is going to be rocking, and the weather forecast is calling for -2 degree temperatures – quite different from the 79 degrees the Dolphins will be leaving when they board the plane in South Beach. Miami is still just a +4.5 underdog though and this has been a down year for the Chiefs (by their standards) so will we actually get a competitive wild card game here?

Before Betting on Wild Card Miami Dolphins vs Kansas City Chiefs

All things being equal this would have been an exciting matchup that had the potential to turn into a real offensive display of mastery. The -2 degree temperatures don’t exactly cater to offenses though, which actually could benefit a Dolphins defense that lost three more players for the season in last Sunday’s 21-14 home loss to the Bills.

Miami is signing players off the street to play in this game, bringing in three veteran pass rushers this week to try and slow down Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. The Dolphins also aren’t healthy on the offensive side of the ball either, with Tyreek Hill (ankle), Jaylen Waddle (ankle), and Raheem Mostert (ankle) all limited at practice. Cold weather and injuries aren’t a great combination.

The Chiefs were just 5-5 over the last 10 games of the season, but this is a team that lives for the playoffs. Mahomes has a 10-2 record as a starter in the postseason and Andy Reid has seen nearly every situation in his 38 career playoff coaching appearances (22-16). The Chiefs also have the league’s #2 defense this year – something that could be a huge advantage in the frigid temperatures.

Miami vs Kansas City Offshore Betting Odds

Offshore Sportsbook Moneyline Total Point Spread
BetOnline Miami (2.99) | K.C. (1.44) 44 Miami +4.5 (1.95) | K.C. -4.5 (1.87)
MyBookie Miami (2.85) | K.C. (1.43) 43 Miami +5 (1.90) | K.C. -5 (1.92)
BetUS Miami (2.95) | K.C. (1.42) 43.5 Miami +4.5 (1.90) | K.C. -4.5 (1.90) Miami (2.99) | K.C. (1.44) 44 Miami +4.5 (1.95) | K.C. -4.5 (1.87)
XBet Miami (2.85) | K.C. (1.43) 43 Miami +5 (1.90) | K.C. -5 (1.92)

2024 Wild Card Dolphins vs Kansas City Prediction & Pick

It’s somewhat confusing that this point spread is only KC -4.5, because it seems like every possible intangible goes against Miami on Saturday night from the injuries to the weather to the playoff experience and more. Don’t overthink this one, it looks like a big night for the Chiefs. 

Pick: Chiefs -4.5