• The NFL Wild Card round starts next week.
  • For the first time, we have seven teams in the playoffs, with the schedule being completely different. 
  • The Packers and the Titans are on a bye. 

There isn’t a better time of the year for all the sports fans than now, because the NFL playoffs begin. The quest for the Super Bowl kicks off next weekend, and we are here to make a short preview of the same.

AFC Conference

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals won the AFC North after a while, and they are back in the mix. The Raiders are in the playoffs following five years, but to be honest, they didn’t thrill us too much. Derek Carr is way inconsistent, unlike Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase on the other side. The odds on the hosts to win are -270, which is pretty solid, while the spread is -6, and we believe that the Bengals will cover it. 

Pick: Bengals -6

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills

The AFC East division rivals, who met twice this season, each taking a win on the road. The Bills had the last laugh once they recently took over the top of the division. We don’t know who is closer to the victory here, but one thing is sure, Bill Belichick will bring pain and tears on the field with his defense, which is why we chose under 43 points as the pick.

Pick: Under 43 points

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Steelers fans were close to a heart attack during the Chargers vs. Raiders game, but luckily for them, the hosts won, and they entered the playoffs. This is a nice way for Ben Roethlisberger to say goodbye. After all, he is a living legend. Though, his farewell will be marked with a loss because the Steelers have nothing to look for at the Arrowhead against Mahomes and the boys.

Pick: Chiefs 

NFC Conference

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

The injuries struck upon the Super Bowl champions, and they are now without several pretty big players. Some of them will return for the playoffs, but they won’t be 100% ready. Brady and Gronk are ok, which is the only positive thing in the organization. On the other side, the Eagles are without any pressure, and they can be nasty. That is why we go with them defending the spread. 

Pick: Eagles -8.5

San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys

A very interesting game between two amazing franchises. Both the 49ers and the Cowboys are among the biggest names in the sport, and logically, their clash is always generating hype. The guests from the Bay Area are apparently in the better form, with Deebo Samuel and Elijah Mitchel smashing and bashing their rivals. On the other side, the offensive potential of the Cowboys is unreal, but they are struggling a little bit and aren’t that confident. That is why we go with the 49ers defending the spread. 

Pick: 49ers +3.5

Arizona Cardinals vs. LA Rams

A high-octane matchup at the SoFi Stadium between the two fantastic offenses. On one side, we have DeAndre Hopkins and Kyler Murray, while on the other are Matt Stafford, OBJ, and Cooper Kupp. Enough said. That is why we won’t even consider who is going to win the game but go with over points, as the current limit sits at 50 points. 

Pick: Over 50 points