• The NFL reached its Divisional Round stage.
  • Two of the top seeds, the Packers in the NFC and the Titans in the AFC, join now.
  • The games will take place on Saturday and Sunday night.

We are here to deliver a short overview of all the NFL playoff matches for this round. Stay tuned for a few minutes, you won’t regret it be sure.


Bengals vs. Titans

Joe Burrow smelled the playoffs, and his debut was pretty successful. After 31 years, the Bengals have won the playoff game. They are pretty banged up, though, sustaining several injuries against the Raiders, while on the other side, the Titans are getting back Derrick Henry, who will be a major boost.

Titan’s defense is among the best in the league, especially the run-stop. On the other side, the Bengals are oscillating, but they have one hell of an offense, with Burrow and WR Ja’Marr Chase leading the way. In a blink of a second, these two colleague teammates can destroy your secondary.

Still, our pick here would be the Titans.

Pick: Titans

Bills vs. Chiefs

The two sides already met once this year, and the Bills smashed the Chiefs at the Arrowhead. Though, that was way back, with the season still early. The Chiefs are different now. Much different. Just remember how Mahomes destroyed a very solid Steelers defense in the Wild Card round.

Meanwhile, the Bills had an impressive Wild Card campaign as well, with them humiliating Bill Belichick and the Pats, 47-17. Allen was equally remarkable as Mahomes, and the entire Bills team, both offensive and defensive units, were at the highest possible level.

We believe that the offenses will be in the middle of attention here, and as you can see, the total number of points is slowly rising as time goes by. Right now is set at 54, and for us, that is over.

Pick: Over 54 points


49ers vs. Packers

We need to say right away. The 49ers are the team in the best shape right now. Their running game has been fantastic, with Elijah Mitchell leading the way and Deebo Samuel doing his hybrid thing.

Yet on the other side, they will have a freezy Lambeau, and the fired-up Packers, who will be boosted with several of their big-time players coming back from injuries, Smith, Myers, Cobb, etc. Plus, the MVP, Aaron Rodgers, is there.

This one will be tough, but if the Packers slow down San Francisco’s rushing game just for a little bit, that would be awesome for them. We believe they have what it takes to do that and eliminate the nasty 49ers.

Pick: Packers

Rams vs. Buccaneers

For many, this is the most interesting event of the entire round. Why? Because two very gifted offenses face one another. Stafford has arguably the most potent receiving corps in the league, while Brady produced the best stats in his career, and leads the league in various categories.

When looking at the bigger picture, our money here is on the Rams as they don’t have such problems with injuries as the hosts. Brady is Brady, but he can’t do everything alone.

Pick: Rams