Superman is the most impressive franchise among all the superheroes and by far the most famous one. Throughout history, we’ve seen 11 actors who played this character, and here are the odds on who will be the twelfth one. 

Before Betting on the Next Superman After Henry Cavill 

The first time world saw Superman was in 1938, in Action Comics #1. After that, it was all history. Eleven actors left their mark on this character, and the most important ones are George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Bud Collyer, and now Henry Cavill.

Rumors started that the English actor finished his role as Clark Kent, and the debate about the new Superman fills in the media headlines on a daily basis.

Next Superman After Henry Cavill Offshore Odds

Three candidates have slightly better odds of becoming Superman than all the others. Miles Teller leads the list, and the 36-year-old, who has already experienced a superhero film (Fantastic Four), sits ahead of David Corenswet. 

Miles Teller3.75
David Corenswet4.75
Michael B. Jordan5.50
Nicholas Hoult7.00
Jacob Elrodi7.00

The Philadelphia-born has 29 years and is less popular in cinematography than some other of his colleagues who are bidding to win the role. For example, Michael B. Jordan is way more famous than Corenswet, but his odds are slightly lower. 

Nicholas Hoult’s chances are exactly the same as Jordan’s, while Jacob Elrodi comes after, similar to Rege-Jean Page, who is in the mix of becoming the new James Bond.ย