The Monday Night game between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions was ruined by blown calls as the referees were the talking point.

Monday Night Football Game Ruined by Bad Officiating

There were too many blown calls to ignore in this Monday Night game for it not to be the biggest talking point post game. Unfortunately, the Green Bay Packers will not be the headline even though they took a commanding early season lead in the NFC North. The referees made this game about them with the amount of bad calls in this one.

The biggest victim on the night besides Lions fans and anyone associated with team was Trey Flowers. He was actually quite diplomatic after the game considering the penalties against him essentially cost Detroit the game.

The Trey Flowers Penalties Were Ridiculous

The two calls on Monday Night Football will be talked about for a long time because of the implications they will have in the division race. The Lions are a much improved team and they have been able to keep games close against some of the best teams in the NFL. Coach Matt Patricia did have a clock management issue in this game but for the most part he’s done a fantastic job this season.

He must be particularly upset with how this game played out especially on two calls that were questionable to say the least.

Flowers had never been called for this penalty in his career and it happens twice in one quarter. Also on the second one, it looks like he’s the one getting his face mask grabbed. The first penalty happened on a third down play. Rodgers was sacked but instead the phantom penalty gave the Packers first and ten. The Packers scored a touchdown three plays later.

The second penalty happened on third down again. Instead getting the ball back and possibly winning the game, the Packers were able to eat the clock and get a field goal.

Officiating Has Been Really Bad This Season

This Monday Night Football game is a black eye for the NFL. There have been so many bad calls in games that there are way too many to list here. More than a few have cost a team the game. The amount of roughing the passer penalties called every week is out of control. Just unnecessary roughness penalties as a whole seems to be called way too often right now in the league.

The game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Jets had so many consecutive penalties called that fans just started a loud chorus of boos. All of the penalties are taking away from the natural flow of the game. On top of that, a lot of these penalties are coming in moments where they are having a direct impact on the game.

That leave room for people that feel like the league has an agenda with certain teams the room to talk. Anyone looking at that game last night has to feel on some level the Lions were robbed of a fair outcome. They might have still lost in the end but we’ll never know because the referees on Monday Night Football did not give them the chance.