The Miami Heat responded well against the LA Lakers in Game 3, saving some of their hopes for reaching another title. But can they level the result and pass the pressure onto the LAL side?

Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers Game 4 Preview

Things weren’t as LeBron planned, which is why he left the court earlier, showing disrespect to his opponents and the entire franchise with whom he won two rings. Now, according to many, this might add more fuel to the Heat players, who are already fired up after this victory. Many were taking more about that situation than about Miami’s success, which to be honest, isn’t fair. All in all, expect fire in Tuesday’s game.

Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers Game 4 Odds

+7 -110-7 -110

Miami Waiting on Adebayo

Having their starting center in the lineup would be a massive deal for the Heat. Adebayo is an excellent defender and a very physical guy who can control the rim effectively but there is one very important thing why Heat needs him now.

Kelly Olynyk had 24 and 17 in the last two games when Adebayo didn’t play. With the return of the starter, Erik Spoelstra would have a much more diverse attack, as he now knows that Olynyk has what it takes to compete with the Lakers’ frontcourt. His minutes were unexpected, but the 29-year old amazed everyone, and he imposed himself as a serious option.

We need to dedicate one paragraph to Jimmy Butler, who was shining in Game 3, delivering one of the best performances in the Finals over a recent couple of years. He was impressive, boosting the morale of the entire locker room, showing that the Lakers are vulnerable also.

The Davis Factor

AD scored 15 points, and the Lakers lost. Once again, the hypothesis that AD, in fact, carries the Lakers and not LeBron turned out to be true. If you analyze matches in the bubble, you notice that when LeBron plays under his standards, and Davis has his usual night, the LAL wins. When it is the other way around, the outcomes are not the same.

So, for the purple and gold to win this one they need to have their starting PF in the best possible shape; otherwise, there will be problems for Frank Vogel.

As for James and his exit before the buzzer in Game 3, we see some unusual reactions worldwide, as the fans mostly condemn the Lakers’ superstar. Even though he has a colossal fanbase, the King’s admirers aren’t looking upon this with approval.


He spread on the Lakers is -7.5 again, and that bothers us a lot. We know that the Heat are underdogs here, but an 8-point win after their success in Game 3 is a bit underestimating. They will fight, and they will be more motivated than the Lakers. Miami wants to prove its worth, and to shut down all those who predicted a sweep in the Finals.

Because of that, we will once again go with the Heat protecting the spread.