Heat and Celtics are ahead of the Game 4, the one which may define the series. Either we see Miami going up 3-1 and practically closing the series, or Boston coming back into the race for the NBA Finals. 

  • Celtics held Miami’s comeback in the last period.
  • It was the first time after two games that Miami couldn’t rally following a double-digit deficit.
  • Goran Dragic was under 20 points, the first time in the series.

Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics Preview

The Celtics locker room was a pretty bad place to be following Game 2 with all the yelling and arguing. But it appears that such a situation gave some results in the end. Boston again allowed the Heat to have a big finish but prevented Spoelstra’s team from posting its third success in a row. Meanwhile, Miami was slow in the offense, that is all the players, but Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro didn’t contribute the way they usually do. 

When: Wednesday, September 22, 8:30 pm ET

Where: Orlando, Fla

How to Watch: ESPN, NBA Game Pass

Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics Odds

Heat Celtics

The Heat Getting Back On the Right Track

Goran Dragic shot 2-for-10 from the field, and we are more than positive that his sub-20-point game is the main reason for Miami’s loss. The Slovenian player has been the critical piece in the Heat philosophy of play because all the attacks are starting from him. Drago might not be the one who closes the matches like Jimmy Butler, but his overall impact on the game is much greater than any other Miami player provides.

In the moments when he stops, Butler, and Robinson have to be more aggressive; otherwise, a win is not fully guaranteed. As you saw, even with all the problems in the offense, the Heat was very close to secure Game 3 in their favor. 

Boston’s Comeback

The Cs needed some burst to get all the negative energy out of their system, and it seems that the locker room thing had positive consequences. All four of Boston’s key players performed superb, scoring 20+ points, and they kept the focus all the way until the end, preventing yet another frustrating ending.

Marcus Smart’s ice-cold reaction with four straight free throws in the final moments of the match saved the Celtics, but overall, we need to say that they deserved to triumph even without that.

However, following this event, comes the more important one. If Boston wins, the momentum would be on their side, and the Heat would be under pressure in the remaining part of the series. But if they lose, the series is pretty much over.


The Over/Under limit is 210 right now. Many see Game 4 as the defining contest of the series, which is why we believe that there won’t be any easy points on Wednesday night. That implicates a lower efficiency than usual and betting on under.

We really don’t recommend betting on the final result, because this game is a tricky one, and little details will decide the winner.