Watford has lost to Manchester City with 8-0 in a 90-minute heartbreaking game. Manchester City shot 5 times towards Watford’s goalie and scored on each occasion.

Watford Loses with Embarrassing 8-0 to Manchester City

Manchester City has pulled a soul-crushing victory on Watford in what can only be described as an 8-0 drubbing. Eighteen minutes after the first whistle had sounded off, City were already leading with 5 points ahead. The cameras caught their manager, Pep Guardiola who appeared guilty.

The English Premier League (EPL) hasn’t seen a match with as many points going in the way of one team for a long while now. In fact, the title for the heaviest victory goes to Manchester United who won over Ipswich with 9-0 back in 1995.

Prior to that, City managed to clinch another outstanding victory at Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup when they defeated their opponents 6-0.

Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster described the match as ‘breathtaking’ and he gave Manchester City their due:

“If you let five in in 20 minutes, you fear the worst. You think cricket scores. They are without doubt the best team I have ever played against. We were poor, didn’t lay a glove on them but at times it was breath-taking watching them.”

Manchester City’s top-scoring man was Bernardo Silva who managed his first professional hat trick, followed by David Silva, Sergio Aguero, Riyad Mahrez, Nicolas Otamendi, and Kevin De Bruyne.

The last goal – that by De Bruyne – came about half an hour before the match was finished, and the goal itself was outstanding. Yet, in the closing minutes of the match, Manchester City roared at the Watford goalie to hurry up and ‘Shoot!’ so as to give their team an opportunity to score yet another time.

Guardiola’s Own Two Cents

Commenting on his team’s performance, Guardiola said that while a 5-0 score would make the game boring. Instead, Man City pulled off a very interesting second half, the manager commented.

City managed to pull off a staggering 723 passes, even though their pace notably died down in the second half of the game. Watford’s has had a rough spell so far in the EPL, and its performance has put the team at a direct risk of relegation.

Commenting on Watford’s game, Guardiola said that the team had had chances to score. He also pointed out that it was weird for a team to score five-out-of-five times, as happened with Manchester City on Saturday.

‘The quality we have is a joy to watch,’ Guardiola added. He also described the prospects of his team and whether Manchester City can lose: ‘Maybe you believe the team cannot lose a game – everyone can lose games. They are human beings and make mistakes.’

However, as far as fans can tell Manchester City has gone undefeated, mostly drawing with teams such as Tottenham and Liverpool. There has been no real intrigue in the Premier League, with Manchester City and Liverpool being neck-and-neck for the title, and never coming up to an outstanding victory.