It has been revealed that Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto will speak to Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel at the team’s Italian base this week after their crash in the Brazilian Grand Prix that cost the team a respectable finish in South America.

The duo clashed as they fought for a fourth-place finish in the race, and their actions had dire consequences as both cars suffered race-ending damage in the 66th lap of the race. It was one of the best races of the season, but unfortunately for Ferrari, this is just another setback in what has been a disappointing campaign.

Binotto Fury With Drivers

Binotto was undoubtedly furious with the drivers at the end of the race, but he refused to cast judgement over the drivers until speaking to them both individually. His frustration was evident in his post-race comments, however.

He said that the ‘small collision will have a big consequence’ and that this kind of thing ‘should never happen’.

He continued: “Today they were free to fight, they knew that. We let them race. The reason for that is we secured second place in the constructors’, and they were somehow battling for their own position in the Drivers’ Championship.

“Free to fight doesn’t mean to do silly actions – especially between the two teammates, between the two Ferraris. Today was simply a silly action.”

Leclerc and Vettel initially blamed each other following the clash, but an investigation in the aftermath showed that neither driver was at fault and therefore no further action was taken. The stewards decided that the drivers both had an opportunity to avoid or mitigate the incident.

What Next?

It was a disappointing Grand Prix for Ferrari as it ended their run of 46 consecutive points finishes. This sequence stemmed back following a race in which Vettel clashed with another teammate- Kimi Raikkonen in Singapore in 2017.

Binotto continued: “I have heard from both drivers, but I will meet with them to discuss what happened. There will be time for the team to analyse the video and data. It is not a matter of fining or blaming.”

“It is a matter of recognising eventually what has been the actions and mistakes. Whether you are a driver or engineer or whatever you are doing, recognising mistakes is important because that can only make it better.

“So what’s going to be important with both drivers is to understand together at Maranello what happened and what has been the mistake. “It is not for me to blame them, it’s for them to recognise it.”

Binotto also added that he feels that the relationship between the two drivers can be rebuilt in time for a challenge at next season’s championship.

He said: “I think that if I looked from the start when they didn’t know each other, currently they have got a good relationship and they work well together. Certainly, what happened today may not help, but I don’t think there is a drama at all. Again, I see that more as an opportunity for next year to clarify.”