Again, we have the Clippers and the Mavericks in the playoffs. Luka Doncic faces the team from LA for the third time in the past five years, and we already got used to seeing these two units battle in the postseason.

Before Betting on LA Clippers vs. Dallas Mavericks Series

One win separated the Clips and the Mavs, who had 50 triumphs during the regular part of the season. It’s a good thing that the franchise from LA doesn’t have too many injured players at the moment, which was their top problem in the past. 

However, we need to say that the Clippers lost the pace in the final few events, finishing the season with three losses in a row. That’s something they need to erase from memory ahead of this series. The star-filled unit is one of the best in the NBA, including two MVPs, Westbrook and Harden, one final MVP, Leonard, and an All-NBA guy, Paul George.

The Mavs have Kyrie next to Luka now, and for the moment, they look good on the floor. Kyrie scores 25.6 points per game and has nearly five boards and assists each. But that’s not the thing here. Once Luka slows down, Uncle Drew kicks in and pushes the tempo, which is how he upgraded the Mavs.

On the other side, their defense is a bit shaky, and the Mavs need to step up there. They will have high-octane rivals on the opposite side, who finally have some consistency playing together, meaning that apart from scoring baskets, the Mavs need to tighten up the defense. 

LA Clippers vs. Dallas Mavericks Head to Head

The Mavs won the opening game of the seasonal series, 144-126, in Dallas but lost the following two. One was in LA, 107-88, while the other took place in Texas, 120-111.

LA Clippers vs. Dallas Mavericks NBA Offshore Betting Odds

Series ResultOdds
Clippers to win-110
Mavericks to win-105

The Clippers seem to have a better roster, and they also have players who can contribute defensively better than such guys on the Mavs’ roster. From what we see here, this series will be intense, but we still give the Clips an edge and pick them to solve Dallas in six matches.