The Geoff Neal vs. Ian Machado Garry offshore odds suggest this is going to be a real banger. Garry is favored to win, but you should know that Neal has a beef with him and would like nothing better but to be the first man to beat Garry. Can he pull it off?

Before Betting on Geoff Neal vs. Ian Machado Garry UFC 298 Fight

If you compare these two, Ian Machado Garry is better than Geoff Neal in practically all aspects of mixed martial arts. He’s a better striker, who not only lands more significant strikes than Neal but his punches and kicks also seem to be more powerful.

Further, he’s a better wrestler. With a judo black belt, Garry’s been great when it comes to takedowns, as well as when it comes to takedown defense.

One major disadvantage for Garry is that he won’t have the crowd on his side. He’s become one of the most hated fighters in the UFC, one of the reasons being that last summer he mocked Neal by wearing a shirt with his mugshot on it.

This made Neal angry, as well as many of their fellow fighters who started abusing Garry on social media. Plus, many of them started mocking him for things happening in his private life, particularly the fact that he’s taken his wife’s last name.

Geoff Neal vs. Ian Machado Garry Offshore Odds & Pick

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Physically, it’s Garry who has an edge. Mentally, it’s Neal. He hates Garry’s guts and is prepared to do anything in his power to beat him. He’s done the same to fighters like Mike Perry and Belal Muhammad, so why wouldn’t he do it to Garry? We think that’s worth betting on.

Pick: Geoff Neal