Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, heads to the Supreme Court this week to display his arguments over a decision made by the Colorado Supreme Court to erase his name from the ballots. Crucial days are ahead of his presidential campaign, and the US public awaits to hear the outcome. 

Trump vs. Supreme Court This Thursday

According to the international media, Trump will have his faceoff with the Supreme Court on Thursday, when he will try to explain why the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to deny his name on the ballot isn’t legitimate. The highest legal institution in the state of Colorado made its previous decision under the 14th Amendment’s ban on insurrectionists. 

What happened on January 6, 2021, when Trump’s supporters stormed Capitol Hill, is why the former President had to deal with all the legal issues.

Nikki Haley, Trump’s only remaining opponent in the GOP primaries, tries to exploit this case, sending a message that Trump isn’t a good candidate for the US President. However, that isn’t helping her odds too much. 

Right now, Halley is +1200 to win the Republican nomination, while Trump sits at a comfortable -5000. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the next on the list, having the same odds as journalist Tucker Carlson, +12500.

Trump’s 2024 US President Odds Still Very Strong

The former President is -110 to win the upcoming elections. The incumbent President, Joe Biden, sits at +165, while the next name on the list is Michelle Obama, +700, which is a bit surprising given the fact that the former First Lady didn’t do anything to indicate her involvement in the race. 

CandidateOdds to Become US President
Donald Trump1.90
Joe Biden 2.65
Michelle Obama18
Nikky Haley25

Nikky Haley is +1800, while California Governor Gavin Newson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr have identical odds at +2500.