Croatia and Wales play their EURO 2024 qualifiers opening game at Poljud Stadium in Split.

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Croatia has won 12 of their last 13 matches. Their lone loss in that span came against Argentina in the semifinals in Qatar. Messi and the boys won the World Cup after trashing the Croats 3-0. Following that knockout, Zlatko Dalic’s team quickly got back on its feet and beat Morocco in the game for third place.

This unit likes to play slowly and generally tries to get the ball and slow down the other team. When Croatia plays, you will typically see one or two scores, yet this crew has a habit of capitalizing on their opponents’ smallest errors.

Gareth Bale no longer plays soccer for Wales and can now fully focus on golf. This signals the beginning of an uncertain new era for the Dragons, who now don’t have world-class stars on its roster. The head coach Rob Page brought in some new faces and made several adjustments to the roster.

The Dragons have only won one of their last 11 games, which is horrible. Their adventure at the World Cup in Qatar was equally poor – one goal scored, six goals allowed for one point in three games.

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The Croats will win this one, because they not only have a better team, but because of the fiery atmosphere at Poljud. Modric and the boys shouldn’t have any problems against the guests.