The latest news in the NFL is that Cam Newton should join the New England Patriots pretty soon. The player posted a status on his Instagram account in which he mentioned the team from Foxborough, and also several of the big-name NFL experts confirmed the stories.

Newton’s Chance for a Comeback to the Top

“I’m excited as I don’t know what right now. All praise to God. Dropping content tomorrow. I hope you are ready. Let’s go Pats,” Newton wrote this Sunday night on his Instagram account, disturbing the entire NFL community.

After that Adam Schefter and several other NFL, insiders revealed the news about an agreement between the Pats and the player.

A one-year contract that should be signed over the next few days is according to sources and incentive-laden deal, meaning that it depends on the players’ performances and the overall team results.

The Pats had a small amount of money in the salary cap, so they couldn’t offer Newton a better agreement. But even if they did, the team from Foxborough would do that because they want to see the state of the former MVP who had a couple of injuries over the past few years and surgery this spring.

According to the player himself and the doctors who followed his rehabilitation process, Super Cam is in good shape and isn’t feeling any consequences of the previous health issues.

For the 2015 NFL MVP, this is a good position, as he has a solid team, much better than the Panthers who were struggling in the last two, three years.

Apart from being the MVP, Newton is a three-time Pro Bowl selection, once an All-Pro, also a Rookie of the Year, and a Supr Bowl participant in 2015, once his Panthers lost to Denver Broncos.

Ever since that game, both Newton and Carolina weren’t able to find their mojo, and they were an average football team. It is why eventually, the organization from Charlotte decided to part ways with their franchise face, and to turn their attention to Christian McCaffrey, who is the new leader of the team. Also, Panthers brought Teddy Bridgewater as a replacement for Newton, giving him a three-year $63 million deal.

The NFL Fines New England

The league fined the Pats with $1.1 million and by additionally taking away their 2021 third-round pick because their TV crew filmed the sideline and the field during the Bengals vs. Browns game.

Also, the Pats’ TV crew won’t be allowed to make footages throughout the entire 2020 season.

The incident happened while shooting material for New England’s web series “Do Your Job,” but without the Cincinnati Bengals knowing anything about it. They would later say that there was no official information about the Patriots’ intentions.

The Franchise from Foxborough admitted its mistake, and fired the person who was responsible for this blatant incident, deciding not to appeal on any of the fines. New England did add that they didn’t use any of the material for “other purposes” but for the series.